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Cutting Cycle Diet and Train Plan

If you’re aiming to lose weight and fat then cutting cycles is what can help you best. Cutting is an extremely popular workout technique specifically because it allows you to burn excess fat and maintain lean muscle tissues.

This is a fat loss phase that bodybuilders and fitness lovers use to get their muscles visible. They attempt to lose as much fat as possible and maintain muscles as much as possible. Usually, people undergo a cutting technique after a bulking one when they grow muscle mass as much as possible, but it usually involves gaining some fat too. Cutting, on the other hand, aims to maintain that muscle you gained during the bulk cycle, and burn extra fat.

  • That’s why many bodybuilders start cutting a few months prior to a major event. Fitness enthusiasts usually do it in the summer to get as lean as possible.

Cytomel-T3-BeligasA cutting cycle involves a weight loss diet and a different training program than the one you usually go for in a bulking cycle. Without a proper diet and workout plan, you risk losing muscles, or not going through a really effective fat loss phase.


You may plan to use anabolic steroids that could greatly assist you in your cutting cycle. They actually do a great job. They aid you to maintain lean muscle tissue, offer energy that often users lack during a cutting cycle (due to receiving fewer calories than their body requires), and make everything in the body work harder allowing you to burn fat easier and faster. Nonetheless, using anabolic steroids without a proper cutting plan isn’t a good idea. They help you reach these goals, but you can’t use steroids without a cutting plan and expect to achieve your body dream goals.

I’m going to share some basics about following a cutting diet and training plan.

Bulking vs Cutting

Before we continue, you should be aware of the differences between bulking and cutting so you would know where to start. Some people may need to start with a cutting plan, others with a bulking plan. It highly depends on 2 main factors (including others): your goals and body fat percentage.

For example, I highly recommend people with a high amount of fat start with a cutting cycle in order to burn off excess fat and then aim at growing lean muscle tissues. By the way, it’s a myth that fat transforms into muscles. Their compositions are extremely different. On the other hand, if you’re fairly skinny, then a bulking plan is a much better option for you.

Based on this, you are likely to follow the same goals.

Go for cutting if you aim to lose fat whilst maintaining muscles.
But go for bulking if you aim to gain as much muscle, strength, weight, and size as possible. Cutting Cycle Diet and Train Plan vs bulking

Both these workout techniques require you to get enough sleep (7-9 hours a day) and a clean, healthy diet (calculating macros). Both require you to train intensively and be consistent. With both cutting and bulking cycles, you need to listen to your body because people are all different with different responses. Moreover, start slowly and gradually get to the next level.

However, there’s still a huge difference between them. You need a different diet plan. During a cutting, you need less calories and different macronutrients (less fat and carbohydrates). Also, you do need to follow a different training plan. For example, you usually have less weight training with less heavy weights, instead, you have less rest time between sets and exercises with overall much more cardio exercises in order to keep your heart beat up.

Cutting Diet Plan

Let’s talk about the diet that you need to follow during a cutting cycle and then we’ll get into the training part.

As said, the cutting diet is different from the bulking one and this is the biggest difference between the two training techniques. While bulking you consume more calories than your body requires, on a cutting you should consume less.

Remember that you need a cutting diet in order to cut fat while you maintain muscle mass. That’s why I don’t recommend a drastic decrease in the calories you consume. You risk losing muscles alongside fat. At the same time, you should make sure you still consume fewer calories than your body needs as it’s the only way to lose weight and fat.

  • PS: The main difference between weight loss and cutting diet is that during weight loss you don’t really care about muscle maintenance. That’s why it usually involves fewer calories and less weightlifting training. Cutting cycles requires less weight and strength lifting than bulking, but still need more than weight loss diets. Moreover, you also need more protein and carbs during a cutting than in a weight loss diet in an attempt to keep the lean muscles.

Do not assume that you shouldn’t lift weights regularly during a cutting cycle. You risk losing muscles during a calorie deficit diet.

By the way, a cutting cycle usually lasts anywhere between 1 and 4 months. It depends on various factors such as your goals, how lean you are before starting, your response, etc. Mostly, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts run their cutting cycle prior to an event in order to get leaner with muscle definition.

Cutting Cycle Diet and Train Plan bodybuilder

How to do a Cutting Diet

A cutting diet plan is created on an individual basis based on various factors such as preferences, goals, gender, age, health conditions, etc. Nonetheless, there are some basic rules that everyone needs to follow in order to even call it a “diet” plan.

The main difference between the cutting and bulking plans is in the calories that you’re consuming. You need more calories than the maintenance calories your body needs to survive for bulking. However, fat loss only occurs when you’re constantly consuming fewer calories than your body needs.

You should pay attention to the macronutrients that you eat too as they have slightly different ratios from the macronutrients on a bulking cycle.

Calculate the Calories you Consume

Determine the calories that you need and by eating less you would start to lose the excess of fat. The total number of calories that you need to eat a day depends mainly on your:

Lifestyle (Exercise Level)

Based on those, you could determine the maintenance calories (the calories you need per day in order to maintain your current weight). You could also use a calorie calculator online.

You would need fewer calories to lose fat. Using the exact same amount or even more won’t allow you to lose the extra fat. However, consuming too little calories (way below maintenance calories) your body would take its energy needs from muscles. Hence, you’ll start losing muscles too.

I recommend everyone to keep their calories around 10-30% under the maintenance for cutting. Same 10-30% rule should go for bulking, above the maintenance. When you’re bulking, consuming even more calories would add too much fat.

Assuming you need around 2,500 calories as maintenance, you’ll need to eat no more than 2,250 calories a day for cutting cycles. But don’t attempt consuming less than 1,750 calories a day in order to avoid muscle loss.

Cutting Cycle Diet and Train Plan results

Determine your Macronutrients

Now, you would need to pay attention to what exactly you’re eating in order to fulfill the macronutrients. If you attempt eating junk food (processed food and fast food) but still try to stay within the calories range you would still have a bad time.

That’s because you may not get the nutrients that you need. Plus, junk food offers no vitamins and minerals that you need. So, following a clean and healthy diet is imperative. Add a lot of vegetables to your diet!

So, the macronutrients that I was talking about are: fats (9 calories per gram), carbohydrates and proteins (4 calories per gram each). Assuming that you follow the 2000 calories dieting plan for losing weight (during a cutting), then out of 2,000 calories (100%), you need around 10-20% fats, 30-50% carbs, and 30-60% protein.

Following this, you can determine the amount of protein, fats and carbs that you need during a cutting cycle. The ratios are a bit different during a bulking diet as you may eat a bit more fats and carbohydrates.

You are going to need around 1 gram of protein per lbs of bodyweight (2.2 grams of protein per kg of bodyweight).

So, if you’re a 160 pound man (72 kg) then you would need around 160 g of protein x 4 calories = 640 calories. Assuming that you’re on a 2,000 calories cutting diet and you eat 15-30% of fat then that’s 33-67 grams of fat per day (33-67×9 = 297-603 calories). Let’s assume 60 grams of fat x9 calories = 540 calories. So, you have 540 calories from fat, 640 calories from proteins. You’re left with 1180 calories that you should get from carbohydrates.

This is just an example of a cutting diet plan.

Cutting Exercise Plan

Cutting Cycle Train Plan

During a cutting, you shouldn’t try to break personal records. It’s a time that your body is deprived of calories so you may notice reduced energy and strength. While anabolic steroids that you add during a cutting cycle greatly helps, you would still perform much better with heavy weights during a bulking cycle.

So, during a cutting you still need strength and weight training in order to avoid muscle loss. But usually, the weights are lower. Moreover, you need resistance exercises that help maintain muscle mass during a calorie deficit. Continue with your strength training, but do not expect gains considering you eat less calories than your body burns.

  • You may reduce the weights and the frequency of strength/weight training during a cutting cycle in comparison to a bulking cycle. Nonetheless, still follow one.

Instead, you should mostly focus on those exercises that increase your heart rate. Those are exercises that help you burn a significant amount of calories. And that’s what you aim for during a cutting cycle – to burn calories that allows you to burn excess fat.

Change your training routine from the bulking cycle for making it more active that allows you to keep your heart rate increased. So, you’re reducing the weights but you also reduce the rest times and you could also use some super sets that could greatly help.

Overall, focus on cardio exercises that could greatly help. Also, an excellent way to burn calories in a short period is HIIT workouts (high intensity interval training). Try to increase your overall activity level such as more walking, cycling, etc. even when you’re not working out.


It’s imperative to follow a good cutting lifestyle (technique) even if you’re using anabolic steroids. We, at can help you determine the best anabolic steroids for your cutting cycle, but you should workout properly and follow a good diet plan. Remember that you’ve got to rest and get enough sleep too!

We can also help you to receive your best quality anabolic steroids for sale. While running them properly and properly following a cutting plan, you’re sure to achieve your goals.



Check below some more helpful tips for your cutting plan:

  • Go for foods rich in fiber. Those foods that offer a lot of fiber (like some specific vegetables) help you burn fat and contain more nutrients that help you stay fuller for longer periods.
  • Drink a lot of water. It’s essential for you to stay hydrated for speeding your metabolism and aiding fat loss.
  • Avoid unhealthy foods. It goes without saying that it’s very important to do so. When tempting, allow yourself one day every 2 weeks (or no more often than weekly) when you eat more calories with “less healthy” foods.
  • Avoid liquid carbs. A lot of people don’t even think of how much calories and carbs beverages can contain. They also increase the level of hunger too. Avoid them.
  • More cardio. You should go for more cardio than when you’re bulking. Go for high intensity cardio and aerobic exercise.
  • Weight lifting. While you may not lift as heavy weights and not as often, it’s still very important to continue weight lifting to avoid muscle loss.
  • Steroids help. Anabolic steroids are a great source of energy with fat burning abilities and muscle maintenance. However, make sure you run them properly to avoid side effects.

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