Clenbuterol Dosage For Women

Clenbuterol dosage for women is pretty much the same as it is for men because of the way it works. Although many people consider it to be an anabolic steroid, it’s actually not. It will not interfere with your hormones in any way, and that’s why Clenbuterol dosage for women is the same as it is for men.

For this reason, Clenbuterol for women is a great option to burn body fat and lose weight while avoiding the virilization effects. It is a popular thing that anabolic and androgenic steroids are capable of causing virilization (masculinization) side effects in women. That’s why women have very limited options of anabolic steroids, can only use very low doses of steroids and for very short periods of time. They interfere with hormones and this is what causes virilization.

Clenbuterol for women, on the other hand, is still highly effective when it comes to fat burning, but without such risks. It does come with its own set of side effects, of course, but at least, no masculinization among them. Overall, please remember that Clenbuterol is actually a stimulant. And a very powerful one. That’s why, when you try to achieve your physique goals with the help of this compound, you still shouldn’t take it lightly. Take it with big caution to avoid serious health complications. With Clenbuterol they are mostly related to cardiovascular health. Blood pressure and heart.

Despite that, lots of women have and continue to use Clenbuterol. Mainly, for the purpose of weight loss and burning body fat. It helps you lean out displaying a hard and dry physique. But to do that, you have to learn what’s the best Clenbuterol dosage for women and what this compound is in the first place.

What is Clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol is a beta 2 agonist. It acts as a bronchodilator which means that it makes breathing easier. Therefore, it helps those people who suffer from breathing disorders such as asthma and others. But because of the way it works, especially on adrenergic receptors and Central Nervous System (CNS), this product is also a stimulant, similar to… caffeine. However, it’s a much more potent stimulant.

Clenbuterol is approved as a bronchodilator in many countries around the world, but not in the United States. Mainly because of cardiovascular issues. Some weight loss clinics used to prescribe Clenbuterol off label to their patients too.

Clenbuterol mostly comes in the form of tablets and pills. It’s by far the most common method of administration. But it’s also available as syrup or injection.


It is the stimulative part of Clenbuterol that makes it so popular among athletes, sportsmen, and bodybuilders, both men and women. While they are still breathing easier which helps during performance, it stimulates the nervous system leading to thermogenic activity. While your muscles get more oxygen which is important for recovery, endurance, and growth, the compound will also increase basal metabolic rate (BMR). With better metabolism, it will help aid a faster and easier calorie expenditure. This helps burn fat, more easier and faster.

Explaining Clenbuterol Dosage For Women

clenbuterol-dosage-for-women-for-fat-burning Clenbuterol dosage for women, as I said, it’s pretty much the same as it is for men. That’s because this compound doesn’t affect you hormonally. Yet, dosage for women can still be slightly lower (only a bit), only because of the average smaller body size and weight than men. Still, both genders should have pretty much the same administration method.

In order to maintain its maximum effects for the full length of the Clenbuterol cycle, you need to make some adjustments to the dose as you continue to use it. That’s because your body gets used to its effects and it soon becomes ineffective (there’s a lot to explain as to why this happens). The body is adapting to the effects of Clenbuterol so you need to either stop its use to make it effective again or to gradually increase the dosage until you reach the maximum desired results.

When talking about Clenbuterol dosage, please do not confuse the measurements “mg (milligrams)” as most other PEDs are measured in, with the “mcg (micrograms)” that Clenbuterol is measured in. If you see anywhere Clenbuterol dosage in mg, it’s most likely a typo. That’s critical to mention because 1 mg is equal to 1,000 mcg. But the maximum Clenbuterol dosage for women is around 100-140 mcg per day which is 0.1-0.14 mg! Using anything higher is extremely dangerous. In fact, this dosage is already capable of causing nasty side effects, and not every woman can use it. That’s why it’s essential to start with a much lower dosage. Usually 20 mcg a day.

Clenbuterol Cycle For Women

When you run a Clenbuterol cycle, you need to gradually increase as the cycle goes on until you reach the comfortable dosage or until you reach about 100 mcg a day. It’s extremely rare that females will use 120 mcg/day of Clenbuterol. In fact, a lot of women find that they develop side effects at lower doses such as 60-80 mcg/day. Do not increase dosage as long as you already experience side effects at a specific dosage, of course.

This means that you start at 20 mcg per day and gradually increase until you reach about 100 mcg per day or until the side effects get too much. You could increase as often as every 2-4 days or about once every 2 weeks. Remaining on the same dosage for longer than 2 weeks is pretty much ineffective because during this period will adapt to that dosage. So, you either stop the use for 2 weeks and then restart again or you increase the dosage.

Popular Examples of Administering Clenbuterol Dosage For Women

A popular way to use Clenbuterol dosage for women is:

  • Start at 20 mcg a day and increase by 20 mcg a day every 2 weeks until 100 mcg/day or until side effects get too much.
  • Another way is to increase by 10 mcg/day every 3 days or so. You will reach 100-120 mcg/day after one month. This method is more dangerous but more effective for really fast results. I would only recommend it to those who have experience with Clenbuterol.
  • Or, you could start at 20 mcg/day for a week and increase to 20 mcg/day the next week. Then stop for 2 weeks. Restart at the dosage you’ve remained and increase again by 20 mcg/day every week while stopping every 2 weeks. Again, until reaching 100-120 mcg/day or until side effects get too much.


Those who have experience with it and want to get things to the next level choose to stack it with Anavar. But those who wish to avoid absolutely any risk of virilization issues shouldn’t use it with any steroids at all. Other popular Clenbuterol stacks for women for weight loss and fat burning goals are HGH and Liothyronine T3.

In The End

Clenbuterol dosage for women should start at a lower dosage of 10-20 mcg/day and gradually increase up to no more than 100-120 mcg/day or until side effects start to become unbearable. I urge everyone to take it with great caution and only after making sure that you do not suffer from any cardiovascular issues such as high blood pressure or heart issues, anxiety, and/or insomnia. This compound can be great for fat burning and weight loss purposes, but it can exacerbate these issues.

Except for finding out the best way to use it and what’s the best dosage for you (for whatever reason, people react very differently on this steroid), you also need to get the best quality Clenbuterol, of course. Only pure quality products will work the way it should.

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Halotestin Dosage

If you want to learn what Halotestin dosage you can run, I first need to warn you that this is not a steroid for everyone. For example, it’s not a steroid for beginners. Its huge potency makes it unsuitable for people without experience. And despite it being an insanely powerful steroid, it is also not suitable for those who want to pack on a lot of muscle mass.

The most popular effects of Halotestin are an increase in strength and power as well as an improvement in recovery time alongside an increase in vascularity, muscle hardness, and dryness. These are pretty much the only reasons why people use Halotestin and then again, it is so powerful that only people with enough experience with anabolic steroids can attempt using it.

Halotestin dosage is pretty limited because of all these factors. You can’t and you should not use it for extended periods of time too and there are not a lot of options to choose when it comes to its dosage too. Generally, this is a steroid that you must first understand before actually attempting to use it.

For example, while Halo cannot aromatize into estrogen and is coming as an oral steroid, it has an incredible anabolic and androgenic strength of 1900 to 850. That’s substantially higher than that of testosterone, as you can see. Making it by far one of the most powerful steroids on the market.

More About Halotestin Dosage and Administration


Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone is the active substance) is not a very popular anabolic and androgenic steroid. Despite its potency. That’s because, as I earlier said, it’s limited in terms of how you can use it and in terms of why you use it in the first place. Due to it being so powerful, side effects can occur and they can be extremely dangerous. Especially when talking about liver and cholesterol issues.

The combination of dangerous issues with the fact that it is very specific in terms of its uses and purposes makes it not very attractive to many people. But those who understand how to use it correctly and why would they need to use it can find Halotestin extremely effective.

For example, Halotestin displays a huge anabolic strength rating on the paper, but in practice, it doesn’t seem to show it, meaning that it’s not going to be great for bulking up. Yet, practice indicates that it possesses considerable effects in terms of strength boost. While it would significantly increase strength, it will not cause any dramatic increase in muscle size at all. That makes it extremely attractive among athletes in sports where they tend to watch out for their weight. It’s also great for bodybuilders who are searching to become shredded and lean with a dry and hard muscle appearance for cutting cycles.

Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) is a great steroid when it comes to maximizing performance without an increase in weight. Its performance enhancing benefits are just perfect. Therefore, it is extremely popular among sprinters, powerlifters, wrestlers, boxers, and other fighters.

There are rumors suggesting that Mike Tyson was on Halotestin when he choked off his opponent’s ear.


Explaining Halotestin Dosage

Halotestin dosages themselves are actually very strange. They are very different from the doses of most other oral anabolic steroids that are popular in bodybuilding. Halotestin dosage is usually much lower than the majority of conventionally used anabolic steroids. It’s because it is extremely hepatotoxic and is an unimaginably powerful compound.

In addition, the range of Halotesin dosage is so narrow, that it is pretty challenging to categorize the dosing guidelines for the major tiers of steroid users. The Beginner Users, The Intermediate Users, and The Advanced Users. The fact that the dosage is so narrow and the fact that it is a steroid with such a specific nature that there are highly specialized uses makes it hard to separate it by the three tiers. But if attempting to separate Halotestin dosage by the three tiers, it would have to be:


  • Beginners: 10-20 mg per day.
  • Intermediates: 20-30 mg per day.
  • Professionals: 30-40 mg per day.

Yet, this is still not highly accurate. That’s because it also depends on what exactly you’re searching for. For example, when you want to chisel your physique before a competition or show, to display a hard and dry body appearance, you would love to use it in lower doses for longer periods. Nonetheless, those people who want to get the best performance results (such as a strength boost, endurance enhancement, a boost in aggressiveness and motivation, etc.) would love to use it for very short periods, but in very large doses. So, as you can see, determining the Halotestin dosage that you will need depends on various factors. Your goals, level of experience as well as a personal response to this compound.


Nevertheless, it’s still important to remember that if you never used Halotestin, despite the fact that you might have used other oral steroids (you actually should), you’re still a beginner with this compound. That’s why, for beginners, I recommend a dosage of 10-20 mg daily. This dosage is going to be satisfying when it comes to providing a solid increase in drive, aggression, and strength with an overall improvement in physique appearance.


The intermediate users who would love to take it to the next step and get greater strength and drive increase with maybe some more improvements in muscle hardness will go upward to a dosage of 20-30 mg a day. But you could go for such doses only if you previously used Halotestin and you know how this product works for you.


Finally, there are advanced users who have enough experience with this compound under their belt and they venture up to a dosage of 30-40 mg per day. However, they rarely use such doses for physique improvement and mostly for performance enhancement when it comes to aggression, drive, motivation, endurance, recovery, and especially strength boost. They do it with very big caution and only for very limited periods of time.

Average Halotestin Dosage

It’s important to understand that the uppermost range of Halotestin dosages is actually extremely high. It is potentially dangerous when it comes to hepatotoxicity and cholesterol health. That’s why only professionals may attempt them. Only for short periods of time. And only for getting the maximum boost in terms of performance. Dosages any higher are extremely dangerous. I would strongly recommend abstaining from anything over 40 mg a day. Again, even this dosage is already extremely high.

  • Yet, please understand that Halotestin is so powerful that even lower doses of 10-20 mg a day are enough to achieve huge strength gains and improvement in the physique. This makes 20 mg a day the most common Halotestin dosage among most users. Especially because of the fact that higher doses are potentially dangerous.

This dosage would be enough for most people (beginners, advanced, and professionals) to see its benefits. Such as taking advantage of the enhancement in competitive drive and aggression, recovery, and endurance as well as a strength boost with an overall improvement in the physique. Without adding large amounts of muscle mass. Another reason why it’s pretty hard to categorize Halotestin dosage by tier of users.

Female Halotestin Dosage

Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) possesses an insanely strong androgenic strength rating. This makes Halotestin very dangerous for women even in the lowest doses. Halo is very likely to cause strong virilization effects in female users at whatever dosage. For this reason, Halotestin is almost never used among women for athletic and performance enhancement. It’s best for women to avoid this compound altogether. There are much better (safer) options for them.


Halotestin dosage is ranging between 10 mg and 40 mg a day. The most common dosage is 20 mg a day. You could make adjustments based on your level of experience and goals, but always start with a dosage no higher than 10-20 mg/day and never exceed 40 mg/day. Only start with it if you do have previous experience with other steroids.

The Halotestin cycle length can be as short as 2 weeks – it is enough to offer great results for a lot of people. The longest Halotestin cycle is 6 weeks. But do not attempt to use 30-40 mg a day for 6 weeks as it is very dangerous. If you use longer cycles your health is exposed to huge dangerous risks. The most common cycle length is 4 weeks.

Split daily Halotestin dosage into two parts. Or at least, take it once a day. Always at the same time of the day. Although it’s best to split to maintain stable blood levels and get the best results.

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Methasterone is the chemical name for an anabolic steroid that you may have heard of as Superdrol. Another chemical name is Methyldrostanolone and below will explain why. Methasterone or Methyldrostanolone is an oral anabolic steroid that was first described back in 1956. It was discovered by the same pharmaceutical company that formulated Anadrol (Oxymetholone) and Masteron (Drostanolone) – Syntex. This company was trying to find a compound with anti-tumor properties.

Superdrol (Methasterone) never was a prescription drug. Instead, it was sold as a dietary supplement and prohormones which helped it bypass the Steroids Control Act of 1990. It was extremely popular as people were growing huge on this steroid. It was offering very potent effects as people were capable of building a significant amount of lean muscle mass without water retention. So, it got FDA attention in 2006. They said that Superdrol contains an unapproved steroid – Methasterone and banned this compound.

Superdrol Profile

Indeed, Superdrol is a steroid and a very powerful one. It got the name as “Super Anadrol”. Anadrol is already an immensely powerful steroid, but Superdrol got this name because it’s even more powerful. Methasterone is also popular as Methyldrostanolone because chemically, it is identical to Drostanolone (Masteron). The only difference is that it lacks the ester and has the C17 alpha alkylation modification instead. This makes it highly bioactive orally as pills. Same bioactivity as methyltestosterone. But this change also made Superdrol extremely powerful – way more powerful than Masteron (Drostanolone).

It doesn’t aromatize, pretty much the same as Drostanolone, but it displays an extremely powerful anabolic activity. Studies suggest that it is extremely anabolic and only mildly androgenic. That’s because it has an Anabolic to Androgenic Ratio of 400 to 20!

So, this steroid will produce amazing dry and fast results. The fact that it is a “Super” version of Anadrol (Superdrol) tells a lot about how extremely powerful this steroid is.


Pro-Superdrol-10mg-BeligasMethasterone – Superdrol Benefits

Some people debate how effective Superdrol actually is. That’s because this steroid is often faked and sold as Superdrol claiming to contain Methasterone, but many sell bunks. As long as you get quality Superdrol, you will have no doubts that this is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids on the market. Some suggest that its effects are even more intense than those of Trenbolone!

  • To buy Superdrol for sale offering real and quality Methasterone, use as we will both help you learn more about it, and how to use it and will also offer the best quality steroids for the cheapest prices on the market.

Anyway, let’s check some of the most common and popular Superdrol benefits below.

methasterone-superdrol-benefits-bodybuildingLean Muscle and Strength Gains

It is common for Superdrol to help you add anywhere between 15-30 lb of lean muscle during one single and short cycle alongside a huge boost in strength levels.

It depends on your genetics, lifestyle, and other factors, but gaining at least 15-20 lbs of lean muscle is very possible. All along a total increase in raw power to about 15-25%. This means that you will be able to lift about 15-25% heavier than your personal record on most major exercises.

But remember that Superdrol has sheer power, which means that it is capable of taking the user’s gain to the next level. Therefore, it’s not a good option for beginners as it can be too powerful. It’s best for advanced steroid users who previously used steroids before. It’s best for getting you to the next level and because you have enough experience to avoid the side effects.

Moreover, be careful with getting too strong too fast on Superdrol. That’s because there are bodybuilders and powerlifters who suffered injuries from using Methasterone and getting their strength levels excessively increasing too fast. Your ligaments and cartridges may not be ready for adding too much weight too fast. Avoid lifting as heavy as possible to avoid injuries.

No Water Retention

Superdrol is not aromatizing. Methasterone is similar to Drostanolone and as we know – they are immune to aromatization. They will not convert into estrogen without increasing this hormone’s levels. For this reason, you are not going to experience water retention due to Superdrol. For this reason, all the weight gain from this anabolic steroid is going to be in the form of lean muscle.

That’s why, if you’re having a lean physique, Superdrol will not compromise muscle definition due to extracellular fluid accumulation. You will continue looking aesthetic and ripped. That’s unlike other bulking steroids that often cause water retention making your muscles look smooth and puffy.

No Gynecomastia

Again, Superdrol does not aromatize into estrogen and that’s why it is not going to cause gyno. Some people suggest they still experience mild gyno symptoms. But no studies prove that. If that’s true, it may be related to the fact that there’s more free testosterone that converts into estrogen.

But this is usually very mild and only in most sensitive individuals. Since it does not aromatize (and does not bind directly to estrogen receptors as Oxymetholone), this oral steroid will not cause gynecomastia.

Huge Pumps

Except for the fact that it will make you gain muscle and strength over the roof, Superdrol is also popular for causing huge pumps. This will make you look even bigger. The steroid is popular for its incredible glycogen uptake inside the muscle cells. That is going to cause a very full muscle appearance – muscle pumps. According to people who have experience with this steroid, the pumps in the gym are likely to be insane. But they also report that they could maintain a semi pump look outside the gym too.

Lots of people suggest that Methasterone is the most powerful steroid when it comes to crazy pumps. Sometimes it can be a downside because intense pumps can cause lower back pains when performing certain types of exercises such as deadlifts.

Other Benefits

There are numerous other benefits that are highly individual. For example, some people suggest that they are feeling “invincible” while on Superdrol. It can make you feel extremely good while enhancing motivation and that extra aggression in the gym that helps you keep on pushing and lifting.

As with any other steroid, it may enhance your metabolism and could be helpful in burning extra fat. During bulking cycles when you are eating in a caloric surplus, Superdrol could be helpful in adding less fat than you normally would without this steroid.

Superdrol Side Effects

“With great power comes great responsibility” – A wise man said in a popular movie. In our case “with great power comes great side effects”. Usually, the more powerful a steroid is, the more intense effects it has. This means that it is both very likely to be effective for your goals, but it is also very helpful to cause intense side effects.

Since Superdrol (Methasterone) is very powerful, very intense side effects can occur too. You should be very careful with this anabolic steroid. Because of its high toxicity and intense effects, which are likely to lead to intense side effects, Superdrol is not suitable for beginners! I would actually recommend it for advanced steroid users. To those who previously had experience with steroids and want to take it all to the next level.

Its side effects are likely to appear very fast and intense, more than with other steroids. Plus, it is more toxic than other steroids. If you attempt to use Methasterone, be very careful about its side effects.


Liver Toxicity

The main issue with Methasterone is hepatotoxicity. It is a C17 alpha alkylated anabolic steroid that makes it highly bioactive as an oral compound. Nevertheless, being very powerful, it is also very liver toxic.

Keep in mind that by using Superdrol, you are like dropping a bomb on your liver. That’s why you should be extremely careful with this product. Pay close attention to the dosage that you use and the cycle length. Prolonged cycles and/or too high dosages are going to make you experience liver failure!

Even short cycles in low to moderate dosages will make your liver enzymes spike! If you already have liver issues, avoid the use of this steroid at all costs. And the use of any other orally active (hepatotoxic) steroid.

To protect your liver, never use doses higher than 40 mg/day (which are already huge!) and never use it for longer than 6 weeks. In fact, 40 mg/day for 6 weeks is already very likely to cause a lot of liver damage! It’s best to start at 10-20 mg/day and use it for only 4 weeks.

Add liver protection supplements such as TUDCA, NAC, LIV 52, Milk Thistle, and/or any other. Have adequate breaks between cycles of oral steroids to allow your liver to recover. Have tests before/after (or in the middle) of the cycle to check your liver health. Avoid other substances that cause more liver inflammation such as alcohol, other orals, or some medicines.

Cardiovascular Issues

Any steroid will negatively influence your cholesterol levels because of an increase in hormones. They are likely to decrease the good cholesterol (HDL) and increase the bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. That’s causing vasoconstriction leading to an increase in blood pressure. Superdrol is a powerful steroid likely to affect it even more. But not only that, it can negatively affect your cholesterol levels even more than other steroids leading to an even more increase in blood pressure (hypertension) due to two main reasons:

  1. Hepatotoxic effects. Being an oral steroid that is liver toxic, it stimulates hepatic lipase enzymes in the liver. That’s leading to worse effects on your lipids.
  2. Lack of estrogen. While estrogen is capable of causing negative side effects such as gyno or water retention, estrogen is also very important for cholesterol. Since it doesn’t convert into estrogen, it causes even worse cholesterol levels leading to even worse hypertension.

It’s very important to keep an eye on your blood pressure and keep it healthy. High blood pressure is “the silent killer”. Be very careful with it. Keep an eye on your overall cardiovascular system and cholesterol health. Have a cholesterol friendly diet and enough cardiovascular exercises to help with it.

Testosterone Suppression

Being a very powerful steroid, Methasterone will have a powerful effect on your hypothalamus pituitary gonad axis (HPTA). Any steroids will have some effects on it leading to testosterone suppression.

Superdrol is likely to shut down the natural testosterone production in just several weeks of using it. And it takes months to recover back to normal levels. You are going to require a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan after each anabolic steroid cycle, especially after powerful ones with Superdrol.

Without PCT after cycles of steroids, you’re going to suffer from low testosterone levels which is not only making you head in the opposite direction of your goals during the cycle, but it’s also very unhealthy. PCT is very important. But you start PCT when all steroids are out of the system. Usually, Superdrol is a “kick starter” of a cycle which means that after you stop using it, you continue with other longer ester injectables. The PCT starts when you stop the use of all steroids.

Androgenic Issues

Again, all anabolic and androgenic steroids are capable of causing at least some androgenic issues because all of them have at least some androgenic activity. Some more than others because the androgenic activity is higher in some steroids. Moreover, it also comes down to each individual. Some are more prone to them than others. For example, some people have the genetic traits of suffering from male pattern baldness. They are likely to suffer from it even without steroids, but steroids will speed it up. Others don’t have it, and steroids may not cause them.

As for Methasterone (Superdrol), on paper, it has an androgenic rating of only 20. That’s a very low rating for such a powerful muscle building steroid. However, the real life settings prove it otherwise – as if the score is way bigger. That’s because, in practice, Superdrol androgenic effects seem to be pretty powerful.

People are likely to suffer from androgenic issues with it, especially those prone to such issues. Women should avoid Superdrol at all costs because although it has an androgenic rating of 20, real-life settings indicate that they are almost certainly going to suffer from powerful virilization effects with it.

Superdrol Dosage

Superdrol comes as pills. The half-life of Methasterone is 8-9 hours. This means that whatever the daily dosage you choose to be, it’s best to split it up throughout the day. Such as in the AM and in the PM. Some choose to take one dose 30-60 minutes before working out as they report “enhanced” workout effects. You better use it on an empty stomach for maximum results. But it could lead to stomach issues. If it does, make use of it after a light meal. Use it daily, preferably at the same time of the day.

Taking the entire daily dosage all at once will not only cause highs and lows, but it is also more likely to get more side effects (as you get a higher dosage all at once).

Dosage is ranging between 10 mg and 40 mg per day. But beware that 40 mg/day is a huge dosage. Only advanced bodybuilders can go as high as 30 mg or even 40 mg a day. Such doses are likely to jeopardize your health and especially your liver.

Beginners should start at 10-20 mg a day and 20 mg/day seems the sweet spot for most people. That’s the Superdrol dosage that most people stop at.


Superdrol Cycle

Because Superdrol has devastating effects on the liver, a cycle length of 4 weeks is sufficient enough for most bodybuilders. It can last anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks, but remember, the longer the cycle length – the worse the side effects can be. Some people attempt 8 weeks cycle length, but it is very likely to cause very nasty issues, better abstain from such long cycles.

It’s very important to remember that during the Superdrol cycle, you need to supplement yourself with liver protection supplements like Liv 52, TUDCA, Milk Thistle, or others to decrease liver damage. At the same time, you should not stack Superdrol with other oral steroids or any others that are capable of causing liver damage.

It’s also very important to avoid the use of alcohol or any medications that are compromising liver health even more. Maintain a proper healthy lifestyle. Such as a cholesterol friendly diet, cardiovascular exercises, no bad habits, etc.

On the other hand, I strongly recommend against using it alone. It’s best to stack with testosterone to maintain high testosterone levels during the cycle. Other stacks are up to you and your goals. But they all should be injectables to avoid even more hepatotoxicity.

  • Example of a bulking Superdrol cycle:

Testosterone Enanthate 200 mg on Monday and 200 mg on Thursday for 12 weeks. Total 400 mg/week. Superdrol 10 mg AM and 10 mg PM for the first 6 weeks. Total 20 mg/day.

Methasterone Summary

Methasterone (AKA Methyldrostanolone) is the chemical name (active substance) in Superdrol (other brand names are available). This is an oral anabolic steroid and is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids on the market. Therefore, Superdrol effects in terms of muscle mass and strength are huge.


It is perhaps one of the best steroids out there for transforming a person’s physique quickly. It would offer mind-blowing effects in the early stages of a cycle as it is immensely powerful. But the problem with this oral anabolic steroid is that it’s extremely toxic. Especially when it comes to your liver and cardiovascular system.

Its effects are very intense and I strongly recommend being very careful with it. You could use it for both bulking and cutting cycles and it is going to offer amazing results. Yet, you should be very careful with it if you plan to start a Superdrol cycle. Learn as much as possible about it first, about Superdrol dosage, Superdrol side effects, and others.

Lastly, Methasterone is popular and it got scammers attention. There are those who try to sell bunk Methasterone (Superdrol). Such steroids are not only ineffective, but they are also likely to jeopardize your health even more. It’s extremely important to buy Superdrol for sale of the purest and best quality. This way you make sure to yield the best results from a Superdrol cycle while experiencing the least possible side effects.


At you won’t only learn the best way to use Superdrol for you and your goals, but you can also purchase the best quality anabolic steroids and all their ancillaries. In short, we’re a source of everything you need for a successful cycle with anabolic steroids for transforming your physique and enhancing your performance!

Oxymetholone Side Effects

Please learn as much as possible about Oxymetholone side effects before you get to actually use it. It’s indeed an extremely helpful steroid for physique and performance enhancement because it’s very powerful. But usually, the more powerful a steroid is the more benefits and the more side effects it can offer.

A lot of people use Anadrol for various different reasons. There are some of those who use this steroid to help them with competitions or look good on photoshoots. But others use it just to build muscle mass and look attractive. Whereas there are those who want to get stronger.

Regardless of the goal, Anadrol (chemical name Oxymetholone) is one of the best steroids for achieving them. That’s because Anadrol is amazing when it comes to building muscle mass, getting stronger, and packing on size.

The problem is that Anadrol, being so powerful, could tax your health causing side effects. Pretty much like any other anabolic steroid, Oxymetholone is not free from side effects. The side effects are actually similar to other AAS, but since it’s so powerful, the side effects can be more severe.

Anadrol is very powerful, so I wouldn’t recommend messing around with it. Do not take it lightly and if you plan to use it, do it with extra care and precaution. By using it in too high a dosage and/or too lengthy a cycle is very likely to damage your health and may even end up in a hospital.

So, please, be careful with it.



Check the Oxymetholone Side Effects below.

Estrogenic Side Effects

Oxymetholone is an anabolic steroid that does not aromatize into estrogen. This is a DHT derivative and as any other – it is immune to aromatization. It will not increase estrogen levels. Despite that, estrogenic side effects can occur. And it’s not only that they can occur, these side effects also can be pretty severe too.

It all occurs because Anadrol is directly stimulating the estrogen receptors in the body. Therefore, it can lead to water retention and bloating as well as gynecomastia. A lot of people use Anadrol in the bulking cycle (off season) where they have a bulking diet, usually high in sodium. This leads to huge water retention. You may control a little water retention by eating low sodium and by drinking a lot of water. But some retention is still very likely to occur during the Anadrol cycle.

Extra intracellular fluid is actually helpful to gain more strength and muscle, but if you’re searching for a nice muscle definition and vascularity then you would surely love to avoid the extra fluid.

Gynecomastia is another possible side effect of Anadrol because it directly stimulates estrogen receptors. Nolvadex can be helpful in lowering gynecomastia because it blocks estrogen receptors. However, you can’t control the water retention or any other estrogenic side effects of Oxymetholone because Nolvadex doesn’t help with them and Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) are ineffective – they only lower estrogen. But as said, Oxymetholone doesn’t increase estrogen levels.

Androgenic Side Effects

While androgenic side effects of Oxymetholone are not as bad as with other steroids, they can still occur. Do not assume that they are non existent. Anadrol androgenic rating is half of that of testosterone. But remember that it is a DHT derivative, which means that it directly stimulates dihydrotestosterone.

This means that oily skin and acne, and especially hair loss are possible. Androgenic issues also include increased aggression too. Nevertheless, it’s very important to remember that it is very individual based on genetics. This means that there may be some guys who have no issues at all with any androgenic side effects, but others may find out that Oxymetholone (or any other steroid) can speed up their male pattern baldness.

If you’re a person who is impulsive, Anadrol (or any other steroid) can make it even worse. And if you’re already suffering or have been suffering from acne, again, Oxymetholone (or any other steroid) can make it worse. But if you’re not genetically prone to these issues, you may not get any with this steroid.


Liver Damage Side Effects

Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is a C17AA steroid, pretty much like most other oral steroids out there. This C17AA makes it highly bioactive (can pass through the liver without being destroyed), but it makes it stressful for the liver.

And the problem with Oxymetholone is that this is one of the most hepatotoxic steroids on the market. It is going to have a stronger negative effect on the liver than most other steroids out there. This is the reason why you need to be particularly careful with Anadrol and your liver. For this reason, I recommend paying very close attention to the dosage you use and never using it for longer than 6 weeks. But 4 weeks would be enough and safer. There are people who use it for 8 weeks, but they expose their liver to damage. Anything over is extremely dangerous.

This is a very potent steroid so you need to respect it. Don’t abuse it and don’t use anything else that is putting even more stress on your liver such as alcohol, other C17AA steroids, or some OTC/prescription meds that are stressful for your liver. Also, you could protect your liver by adding liver protecting/cleansing supplements such as Liv 52, Milk Thistle, TUDCA, and others.

There’s no way to avoid an increase in liver enzymes while using Anadrol. But there are methods, as you can see, to limit the increase of liver enzymes (like AST and ALT) over the limit. Also, make sure you have a proper break in between cycles of oral steroids to help your liver recover.

Testosterone Suppression Side Effects

Any anabolic and androgenic steroid is going to suppress natural testosterone production. Anadrol is not an exception. It is actually going to suppress it pretty strongly because it’s a strong steroid. That’s why you need to make sure that you prepare a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) Plan after each cycle of steroids unless you’re in TRT or cruising. This basically means that you never stop receiving exogenous testosterone. Your body doesn’t need to produce testosterone naturally by itself. But if you don’t plan to use testosterone injections – a PCT is very important. It helps restore testosterone production much faster and helps avoid low testosterone symptoms.

If you don’t implement a PCT plan after a cycle of anabolic steroids, you’re likely to experience various low testosterone symptoms. Some of which include loss of muscle size and strength, fat gain, lethargy and fatigue, weakness and low mood, depression, and low libido with erectile dysfunction, and others.

Yet, considering that most people use Anadrol at the start or middle of a cycle with other steroids (such as testosterone, which are still suppressive) you are going to have a PCT long after stopping the use of Anadrol. Because you will start PCT after stopping all steroid use.

Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is notorious for causing a pretty serious crush in terms of suppression because of its potency. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t use it alone, without testosterone.


Cardiovascular Side Effects

Anadrol is going to increase the hormones in your body and is also going to negatively affect your liver. One of these things alone is going to worsen cholesterol health, but that’s especially true when you have both effects. Any anabolic and androgenic steroid will worsen cholesterol because they increase the hormones. But more so will oral steroids because they negatively affect your liver.

Now imagine how harsh Anadrol (Oxymetholone) can be for cholesterol considering that it does both of these really intensively. So, among Oxymetholone side effects it’s very important to mention that it will negatively affect cholesterol. It will reduce the good levels of cholesterol (HDL) and will raise the bad levels of cholesterol (LDL). Of course – higher doses will make this side effect (and most others) more severe.

For this reason, it is very important to keep a cholesterol friendly diet and to use it for limited amounts. Maintaining bad cholesterol values for a long time can become very dangerous.

Additionally, due to its negative effects on cholesterol, it can cause higher blood pressure. Now combine it with the fact that Anadrol is very likely to cause water retention a lot – the blood pressure is going to significantly increase. Then again, a significant increase in blood pressure can be very dangerous.

All of this could very badly affect your heart and cardiovascular system in general. That’s why you need to do everything that’s possible in order to maintain healthy cholesterol values and proper blood pressure. If you’re already suffering from any of these issues, you’re likely to exacerbate them by adding Anadrol. Any steroids could cause them, but especially Anadrol.

In Conclusion – Is Anadrol Safe?

It’s important to understand that all anabolic steroids are potentially dangerous. Nonetheless, Anadrol is one of the few still approved by the FDA steroids which means that it could be safe as long as you use it correctly.

Considering that Anadrol is among the most powerful and harshest steroids on the market, I strongly recommend using it with a smart strategy and very carefully. This way you could yield the best results without experiencing its harsh side effects.

At higher doses and/or longer cycles – the side effects are very likely to get worse. You are very likely to suffer from severe water retention, it will negatively impact your liver and will suppress your natural testosterone production. Additionally, you will notice a negative impact on cholesterol and the cardiovascular system so you need to make sure it won’t be increasing blood pressure to dangerous levels.



If you want to keep Oxymetholone side effects at bay, you need to make sure you use it correctly and make sure you get the best quality product.

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Tamoxifen Citrate (the most popular brand/trade name is Nolvadex, among others) is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM), therefore, an anti-estrogen. However, do not confuse it with Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) such as Arimidex (Anastrozole) or Aromasin (Exemestane) which are also anti-estrogens. The mechanism of actions of SERMs and AIs are completely different, although they both form up anti estrogens. Therefore, bodybuilders use SERMs like Nolvadex (tamoxifen) and AIs like Arimidex (Anastrozole) for different purposes.

While Nolvadex is a great anti-gynecomastia drug during the cycle of anabolic steroids and a medication for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT), AIs are meant to lower total estrogen levels. SERMs, on the other hand, do NOT lower serum estrogen levels.

The Selective part in the name of this type of drug is that it acts on certain parts of the body. Moreover, it doesn’t lower estrogen by binding to aromatase enzymes blocking the conversion of testosterone to estrogen as AIs do. It rather binds directly to specific estrogen receptors in specific tissues in the body. Mostly, it targets breast tissues, blocking the effects of estrogen. Also, it targets the pituitary gland, also blocking the effects of estrogen there. But there are other parts of the body in which Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) works by upregulating the effects of estrogen. For example, in the uterus. That’s why Nolvadex is offering the effects of both an agonist and an antagonist in specific parts of the body.

What is Nolvadex?



Nolvadex is the most popular brand name (among others) of the chemical compound and generic name of Tamoxifen Citrate. Most commonly it is available in tablets of 20 mg strength. This is a prescription medication that doctors prescribe to women suffering from hormonally positive breast cancer. The type of breast cancer that needs estrogen to form and grow. Since Tamoxifen binds to estrogen receptors in breast tissues, it blocks the growth of cancer. There are various other uses in medical settings too, but breast cancer treatment is by far the most common one.

  • But as I earlier mentioned, Nolvadex is a great drug for bodybuilders too, for those who use anabolic steroids. In one scenario it could help prevent or fight off gynecomastia caused by anabolic steroids and in another scenario it could boost the natural testosterone production during PCT plan.

Because of the way it works by binding to estrogen receptors in specific parts of the body, estrogen is unable to bind. Therefore, it reduces or might completely eliminate the effects of estrogen in those parts. Mainly in breast tissues. That’s how it deals with estrogen-positive breast cancer and with gynecomastia.


It’s important to understand though – Nolvadex (tamoxifen) is not going to directly reduce estrogen levels in the body. Again, it just binds to some specific estrogen receptors so that way, estrogen itself cannot bind there, as a result, estrogen is not going to be able to work in those parts of the body.

And then again, Nolvadex will block the estrogen effects on some parts of the body. But by binding to estrogen receptors in other parts of the body, it will actually enhance the effects of estrogen. For example, in the uterus and in the liver as well.

That’s actually beneficial for bodybuilders because when talking about estrogen activity in the liver – that’s beneficial. Enhanced effects of estrogen in the liver would have a positive impact on cholesterol health. That’s great because anabolic steroids have negative effects on cholesterol. It is a bonus effect of Nolvadex that steroid users welcome as they try to maintain healthy cholesterol values.

Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) vs Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs)

These are two classes of drugs that are both known as anti-estrogens and are both very popular among bodybuilders and performance athletes who are using anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS). Yet, they are different.

Among SERMs I can mention:

  • Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate)
  • Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate)

Among AIs I can mention:

  • Arimidex (Anastrozole)
  • Aromasin (Exemestane)
  • Femara (Letrozole)

Both are very effective and both classes of drugs come with their own beneficial effects. Mostly, when talking about reducing or preventing estrogen related side effects of anabolic steroids as well as their effects in the PCT plans. That’s why both are anti-estrogens. But the way they are dealing with estrogenic issues (mechanism of action) is completely different.

Mechanism of Action


They act differently in the body and they affect estrogen differently.

AIs is the class of drugs that reduce serum (overall) estrogen levels in the body. They do it by binding to aromatase enzymes and blocking the conversion of hormones into estrogen. SERMs, however, only target estrogen receptors of certain parts of the body, binding to them and blocking the estrogen activity in those parts. While enhancing estrogen activity in other parts.

  • As a result, AIs are highly effective in controlling all high-estrogen related side effects considering that they reduce overall estrogen levels. However, SERMs like Nolvadex will only be effective at controlling gyno as they target breast tissue estrogen receptors. But they won’t be really helpful in dealing with other high-estrogen symptoms. In fact, only Nolvadex helps with gynecomastia because Clomid poorly binds to estrogen receptors in breast tissues not eliminating the risk of gyno.

Therefore, AIs are going to be useful to help with water retention that usually occurs when estrogen spikes because they lower estrogen. At the same time, SERMs are not lowering estrogen, therefore they are not going to benefit you for that side effect. Therefore, as long as you’re searching to deal with estrogen related issues, other than gynecomastia, you’re likely going to need AIs. SERMs will be helpful during the cycle (and in fact, only Nolvadex) for gynecomastia treatment. So, if you do not get any high estrogen related issues or they are very tolerable and the only one that concerns you is gyno, a SERM like Nolvadex can be everything that you need.


Yet, if you do not find that Nolvadex is offering the results that you need in terms of gyno (or again, getting other high estrogen symptoms), then you could add AI. That’s going to lower the overall estrogen and with the added bonus of better controlling all other estrogen side effects while both Nolvadex and AIs are dealing with gynecomastia.

Aromatase Inhibitors are inhibiting the aromatizing activity by binding to the aromatase enzymes. Therefore, those steroids that do aromatize will not convert into estrogen allowing users to continue using and experiencing the positive benefits without estrogenic side effects.

You may think that AIs are magic pills and why would you need Nolvadex when there’s AIs that can deal with all estrogenic issues? Because they come with their own downsides. While Nolvadex protects your cholesterol health, AIs can negatively impact cholesterol levels that are already negatively affected by the use of steroids. Moreover, AIs could lower estrogen too much leading to numerous other side effects. There are good reasons why bodybuilders prefer Nolvadex over AIs during the cycle of steroids. That’s why they keep AIs as a last resort option.

Nolvadex For Gynecomastia

Nolvadex for gynecomastia is working the exact same way as it works for treating hormonally positive breast cancer. It targets the breast tissues blocking estrogen activity. This is highly useful for preventing or dealing with already existing gynecomastia symptoms. That’s very helpful for bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids because a lot of them (such as testosterone, nandrolone, methandienone and others) convert into estrogen. A higher level of estrogen is causing gynecomastia.

Tamoxifen Citrate has been proven highly effective at reducing gyno because it deals with estrogenic activity in the breast tissues. Despite your body having higher levels of estrogen, gynecomastia can’t form or grow. That’s why on-cycle use of Nolvadex is going to protect you against male breast enlargement while you use aromatizable anabolic steroids. It is extremely effective, but remember that not everyone will have the same positive results simply because people react differently to different compounds.

For example, people who are very sensitive to aromatization using steroids that are powerfully aromatizing and/or using them in higher doses might find that Nolvadex is not enough.

Moreover, it’s important to understand that Nolvadex only blocks estrogen activity. There are 19-nor steroids such as Nandrolone and Trenbolone that will increase prolactin. That’s a hormone that also can cause gynecomastia if there’s an overflowing level in the body. If you experience gyno from high prolactin (while using Nandrolones and/or Trenbolone) rather than high estrogen, Nolvadex (tamoxifen) will not be effective. Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) will not be effective either. You will require Cabergoline that works for lowering prolactin levels.


Nolvadex for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) is also a very common drug that people use for dealing with natural testosterone suppression that occurs from the use of anabolic steroids. Therefore, Nolvadex is a very popular PCT medication. It can stimulate the production of natural testosterone after the cycle of steroids and it’s a very important drug for such purposes.

Nolvadex is popular for its amazing ability to stimulate testosterone levels by blocking the effects of estrogen. More specifically, it blocks estrogen action at the pituitary gland. This is enabling the pituitary gland to release a greater amount of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) which is extremely important for producing testosterone.

LH is essential for testosterone production and Nolvadex does a great job in boosting its levels. Therefore, Tamoxifen is going to be perfect at helping you to avoid the symptoms of low testosterone.

  • Most users will find that 4 weeks of Nolvadex use for PCT plan is going to be enough. However, longer or more powerful steroid cycles may often require longer PCT plans or may need to combine Nolvadex with other compounds such as Clomid and/or aromatase inhibitors and/or HCG.

The maximum Nolvadex dosage for PCT plan is 40 mg a day. Using higher dosage is not going to be helpful but it can rather be detrimental for your goals of boosting natural testosterone production. That’s because it may overstimulate your adrenal glands, producing more DHEA which converts into estrogen, thus hurting natural T production. Usually dosage is higher at the start of PCT and is getting lower toward the end of PCT plan when your body partially regains the ability to produce testosterone.

Nolvadex Dosage

The main and pretty much the only reason to use Nolvadex during the cycle of anabolic steroids is to protect or deal with an already existing male breast tissue enlargement – gynecomastia (gyno). While it could offer other benefits, using Nolvadex for other purposes during the cycle of steroids is not a good idea.

Nolvadex is a safer way to address gyno when you use aromatizable anabolic and androgenic steroids than AIs. But if you find that you need to deal with other high estrogen symptoms or Tamoxifen is not enough, you may still need AIs during the cycle of steroids.

It takes about 10-20 mg/day to protect you against gyno. In rare cases you may need 20-40 mg/day if you are sensitive and/or use very high doses of aromatizable steroids. The maximum dosage is 80 mg/day but that’s only in case you want to deal with already existing symptoms of gynecomastia. Commonly, alongside AIs.

Nolvadex PCT Dosage

Dosage of Nolvadex for PCT is usually the same as for gynecomastia. The most common dosages for both plans are 20-40 mg per day. This dosage is going to be enough to stimulate the release of natural testosterone after it was suppressed from the use of steroids.

The Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) usually is 4 to 8 weeks and very often, bodybuilders and other steroid users will stack it with other compounds. Most commonly with Clomid (Clomiphene citrate) or with an aromatase inhibitor (most commonly Aromasin) or even with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG).

You need to make sure that steroids are out of your system and you could start the PCT plan. Usually, it’s 4 weeks with Nolvadex at 40 mg/day for the first 2 weeks. Then 20 mg/day for the last 2 weeks. But you can adjust both the dosage and PCT length according to your response.


Nolvadex Side Effects

According to the list of Nolvadex side effects that you can find online, there are a lot of side effects. Nevertheless, it’s important to understand that the list is related to breast cancer treatment in women. Women are affected in different ways than men are (because they rely more on estrogen). Also, they generally may need higher dosage. And considering that they surely need longer cycles than men do – those side effects are mostly addressed to women who use Nolvadex for breast cancer treatment.

Steroid users running Nolvadex in lower doses for shorter periods are way less likely to suffer from side effects. Female body reacts very differently to this drug and they use it for much longer periods. Male steroid users only need it to deal with some estrogen side effects while on steroids. Due to this reason, it virtually eliminated the side effects of using Nolvadex in men. At least, as long as you do not abuse it.

Side effects can still occur. Mostly in those who use it in too high dosage and/or for too long periods. Or maybe those who have a natural low tolerance to this compound.

Possible Side Effects…

So, the main possible long term side effects that you should look out for when you’re using Nolvadex on cycle for gynecomastia treatment or during Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) to boost natural testosterone production are:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Stomach upset
  • Hot flashes
  • Acne – not particularly common in people who use it though. It is theoretically possible only because Tamoxifen increases testosterone production and this is what increases the chances of developing acne. Not everyone is predisposed to acne though. Plus, Nolvadex rarely boosts the levels so much so it could cause acne. Nolvadex actually balances out your hormones, which is often working the other way around and fights off acne!

Of course, the best way to reduce the risks of side effects is to avoid long term use and to keep Nolvadex dosage the lowest effective. Do not use doses higher than you need or in periods longer than you need.


nolvarowNolvadex is an extremely important tool in bodybuilding. It’s very popular among steroid users because, as explained above, it has a lot of benefits. Mainly, you may use it for 2 purposes. To treat gynecomastia during the cycle of anabolic steroids. Or as a part of Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) in order to boost natural testosterone production that was suppressed during the cycle.

Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) is very well tolerated for most people. It rarely causes side effects. And that’s actually pretty obvious considering that steroid users run this medication in order to deal with the side effects and negative aspects of steroids. You could use it to prevent or deal with gyno during the cycle without negatively affecting cholesterol. Or you could use it to boost natural Testosterone production after the cycle.

It’s pretty obvious that if you want to get the best results, you need the best quality Nolvadex.


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Dbol Cycle

A Dbol cycle is fairly limiting in terms of application because of the fact that this is a highly aromatizable oral anabolic steroid. Through our site, you may find a lot of information about Dianabol (Dbol) where we mentioned a lot of times that Dianabol main application lies in the areas of bulking up. That’s because this anabolic and androgenic steroid is great for bulking cycles when individuals are searching to gain strength, muscle, weight, size, and mass. Usually, in the off-season.

That’s because when the individual is searching for a significant increase in amounts of size and strength, they don’t really care too much for peripheral water retention, bloating, and maybe even some fat addition. Considering that Dianabol (Dbol) is highly aromatizable, it may very well cause water retention issues. They are a huge problem in cutting cycles, but as said, it doesn’t really matter in bulking cycles.

So, its high aromatization is limiting the use of Dianabol only for bulking cycles. Moreover, the fact that it’s a hepatotoxic oral steroid also limits its use because no user should ever use this steroid for a period any longer than 6-8 continuous weeks at any given time in a cycle.

Dbol Cycle Basics



For the reasons I shared above, I am going to share Dbol cycle examples for people who are searching for bulking, strength, and mass addition. I am going to share them depending on the experience level of each individual. Therefore, you will get a Dbol cycle for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users here. Nevertheless, you should remember that these are just examples. You can always change something such as the dosage of any compounds, cycle lengths, adding or removing other compounds, and so on and so forth. It very much depends on a lot of different factors, but primarily on the way you feel.

Additionally, please remember that by “beginner” we do not mean people who never used steroids. It is best to start the first steroid cycle with Testosterone alone. You should add Dbol in further cycles. Moreover, while some people do use Dbol alone, I do not really recommend doing it. It’s much better to use Dbol (as any other steroid) alongside testosterone. This way you avoid low testosterone symptoms because all steroids are suppressive.

Moreover, I need to say that despite the Dbol cycle being limited considering this is mostly a bulking compound as I have earlier explained, it is important to remember that any steroids can be used for any cycle type such as using Dianabol as a fat loss or cutting agent in such cycles. It’s just the fact that it is not an ideal steroid for such purposes. Such anabolic steroids as Dbol would work better in bulking than in cutting cycles. On the other hand, there are steroids that will do a much better job in cutting cycles than in bulking. So, each anabolic steroid is better suited for a specific role.


Generally, despite the general limitations of Dianabol (Dbol), this is actually an anabolic and androgenic steroid that is stacking very well with numerous other anabolic steroids. Almost with any of them. Yet, stacking with other oral steroids may not be a great idea considering that Dbol is hepatotoxic and so is the other oral steroid. This may be too stressful for your liver. It’s best to use one oral steroid at a time with a break in between cycles to allow your liver to recover.

On the other hand, Dianabol stacks exceptionally well with a few selected anabolic steroids. Generally, those are the steroids that are not hepatotoxic (injectable steroids) and are those that you should use for similar goals as they are having a similar nature. That’s when users are in favor of strength gains, muscle mass building as well as bulking cycles. While there are steroids that stack extremely well with Dianabol and they are still not exceptionally mass-building compounds, those that do not affect your liver and are great muscle builders will be the best. That’s because all steroids you use pursue the same goals but in various ways. Therefore, it allows you to see the best results for your goals.

Stacking Dbol Cycle

Considering that Dianabol’s primary application is for strength and size gains, it will have a complementary nature with other steroids that have the same primary applications of strength and muscle mass and size gains. That’s why a lot of people will favor Dbol in bulking cycles with other bulking steroids. That includes Testosterone (pretty much in any ester since testosterone works the same way) considering that testosterone is awesome for bulking needs with similar properties and, as I said, it’s, in fact, very important in any steroid cycle.

Moreover, there’s Nandrolone also in any ester. There’s Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP) and Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca Durabolin).

  • People generally stack Dbol with Testosterone and optionally add Nandrolone. By far one of the most popular and effective trio stacks when it comes to bulking cycles is Dianabol, Testosterone, and Nandrolone.

Most tend to love to use Nandrolone in a longer version (Deca) and Testosterone in a longer version (Enanthate or Cypionate) while using Dianabol as a kick starter of the cycle (until the long injectable steroids kick in). However, if they opt for shorter (faster results) bulking cycles, people go for NPP stacked with Testosterone Propionate and Dbol. All three for a period of 6-8 weeks will likely bulk you up extremely fast and extremely efficient. Yet, longer versions are usually preferred since bulking cycles are longer.

Generally, the Testosterone, Nandrolone, Dianabol stack is one of the oldest, most common, and most effective bulking cycle stacks that was used by most bodybuilders in the golden era.

Let’s get to the Dbol cycle example by the level of experience


Beginner Dianabol – Dbol Cycle

Example of Dbol cycle for beginners:

  • 12 weeks total cycle length including:

Testosterone Enanthate at a dosage of 300-500 mg per week. Split weekly dosage evenly apart throughout the week. Such as 150 mg on Monday and 150 mg on Thursday. For the first 6 weeks Dianabol at a dosage of about 30 mg per day. Split daily dosage evenly apart throughout the day. Such as 10 mg every 4-6 hours or 15 mg AM and 15 mg PM.

Although this is a beginner cycle that is mostly an introductory cycle to Dbol, it is still capable of helping you yield a lot of results with a proper workout and dieting plan. It presents the basics that you need to know in understanding and use this steroid. But it could still cause side effects and it could still be highly effective. You shouldn’t take it lightly or think of it as an ineffective cycle.


Testosterone Enanthate is what a lot of beginners choose considering the fact that it is fairly easy to use it. If you start your cycle right away with Testosterone and Dianabol, you better run Dianabol the last 6 weeks, instead of the first 6 weeks. That’s because you should get accustomed to the effects of testosterone first. People use Testosterone Enanthate here in a dosage of 300-500 mg/week for bulking purposes. The exact dosage that you decide to run depends on various factors such as goal, body weight, previous experience, and other factors.

But as said, I strongly recommend any beginner to already use at least one (preferably more) testosterone solo cycle until this point. This way, a beginner user is going to understand at what level, cycle length, and dosage their body is responding to Testosterone. In such cases, it’s best to use Dbol in the beginning so it would work as a kick starter, as I earlier said. That’s considering that you will start feeling Dianabol almost immediately, but it takes weeks until Testosterone will kick in your body. Testosterone Enanthate (or Cypionate) slowly builds up its effects in the body which takes several weeks into the cycle to exhibit the effects.

When you use it continuously for 4-6 weeks, Testosterone Enanthate (or Cypionate) is nearing its full effects. And that’s the time when you discontinue the use of Dianabol both because Testosterone kicks in, and because you actually should discontinue it because of the hepatotoxic effects of Dianabol.


Intermediate Dianabol – Dbol Cycle

Example of Dbol cycle for intermediates:

  • 14 weeks total cycle length including:

Testosterone Enanthate at a dosage of 600 mg per week. Split weekly dosage evenly apart throughout the week. Such as 300 mg on Monday and 300 mg on Thursday. The same cycle length goes with Deca Durabolin at a dosage of 400mg per week. You could use it once a week, on the same day of the week, or split the dosage weekly in a similar way as with Testosterone. For the first 6 weeks Dianabol at a dosage of about 40-50 mg per day. Split daily dosage evenly apart throughout the day. Such as 10 mg every 4 hours or 20-25 mg AM and 20-25 mg PM.


As I mentioned prior, Nandrolone with Testosterone and Dianabol makes one of the best bulking cycles and it’s obvious that a lot of people choose to add it to their cycles. Nandrolone stacks extremely well with the other oral steroids and all three will work great to make you big, strong, and muscular. You keep testosterone dosage slightly higher than that of nandrolone.

Although it’s just a rule of thumb, many people suggest that following this plan helps them to avoid the infamous “Deca Dick” side effect.

Moreover, you increase cycle length considering the previous experience with steroids and considering that longer cycles are likely to yield more results. Additionally, Deca and Testosterone take about 6 weeks to fully kick in. Using it for a total of 14 weeks would make a better option. Both are long versions of steroids that will work much better in longer cycles.

Also, you may notice that Dianabol dosage was increased. Considering that you have experience with this steroid, you know how it affects and you may want to increase the dosage to get even more results. Dianabol and Nandrolone will work extremely well for bulking. So, a dosage of about 50 mg a day of Dbol will work perfectly for bulking you highly efficiently.

But remember that the dosages of each compound and cycle length could be adjusted according to your own needs. Yet, if you use higher doses and/or longer cycle lengths, remember that it could be accompanied by harsher/nastier side effects.


Advanced Dianabol – Dbol Cycle

Example of Dbol cycle for advanced users:

  • 16 weeks total cycle length including:

Testosterone Enanthate at a dosage of 600-800 mg per week. Split weekly dosage evenly apart throughout the week. Such as 300 mg on Monday and 300 mg on Thursday. The same cycle length goes with Deca Durabolin at a dosage of 400-600 mg per week. You could use it once a week, the same day of the week, or split the dosage weekly in a similar way as with Testosterone. For the first 6 weeks Dianabol at a dosage of about 40-80 mg per day. Split daily dosage evenly apart throughout the day. Such as 10-20 mg every 4 hours or one-half AM and the other half PM.

Except for slightly longer cycle lengths and except for slightly higher doses, advanced users may also add other compounds. When it comes to bulking, they generally tend to add other injectables (to avoid hepatotoxic effects with orals).

Other Additions

It can be Trenbolone, but using Trenbolone may increase the risk of prolactin issues that users already go through due to Nandrolone. If it’s Acetate then a cycle of 8-10 weeks and is used every other day. If it’s Enanthate then it is a cycle of 12-14 weeks and is used twice a week. The dosage is about 400-500 mg/week in both versions.

Or it can be HGH which is not a steroid at all, but it’s still highly effective for bulking cycles. Usually, it runs for the entire cycle length of 16 weeks in a dosage of about 4-6 IU per day, once a day, before going to sleep on an empty stomach, injected subcutaneously (unlike all other injectables that are steroids and go intramuscularly).

  • Other additions are possible too, but they are mostly there as boosters or ancillaries rather than for their muscle-building effects. Some examples are Primobolan, Proviron, Masteron, or most commonly – Equipoise.

Remember that this is a highly advanced cycle involving Dianabol. It contains high doses of steroids, long cycle length, and some compounds like HGH or Trenbolone are very powerful, and not recommended to beginners and people without proper experience.


DianabolHopefully, these Dbol cycle examples will help you understand better how to use this compound. Remember that these are just examples, there’s nothing set in stone, especially when it comes to steroids.

Lastly, remember that you need to make sure you get quality Dianabol if you want this steroid to work the expected way. Poor quality Dbol is going to be ineffective and enhances the risks of side effects.

At you can both learn how to use the steroids that you want and you can buy them for sale. We can help determine the best Dbol cycle specifically for you and your needs and offer you the best quality steroids on the market for the best prices!


Equipoise Steroid Benefits

Equipoise steroid benefits can be amazing as long the user knows how to run it correctly and buys high quality Equipoise. I’m telling you this because not everyone knows how to correctly run an Equipoise cycle and this compound is often faked, people buy bunk Equipoise and wonder why he doesn’t experience the expected results and benefits.

At you could learn how to run Equipoise and you could buy Equipoise for sale of the best quality, ensuring you run a successful and effective cycle.

But if you’re interested in learning more about Equipoise steroid benefits, this is the right article. If you’re here to learn about how to run Equipoise or to buy Equipoise – through our website you’re going to find everything you need. Feel free to contact customer support or request free cycle advice.

Before I share the Equipoise steroid benefits – let’s share some basic information about this anabolic and androgenic steroid, shall we?

What is Equipoise?


Equipoise, often called simply EQ, is a derivative of testosterone. Equipoise (EQ) is actually the most popular brand name among others. The active substance (chemical name) is Boldenone. It comes with the ester Undecylenate. While there are other versions of Boldenone, they are extremely unpopular, very hard to find, and very often faked. As long as we’re talking about Equipoise (Boldenone), we’re talking about Boldenone Undecylenate.

  • Boldenone Undecylenate – Equipoise (EQ) is an anabolic and androgenic steroid that is structurally similar to testosterone with half androgenic nature in comparison to testosterone, same anabolic activity and very little aromatization (5 times less aromatizing than testosterone).

This means that EQ is likely to offer amazing benefits without nasty estrogenic and androgenic side effects. Because of reduced androgenic and estrogenic activity, EQ (Boldenone) may not offer users the sheer power in muscle mass gains that testosterone can offer. Instead, it can still provide a host of benefits both in terms of performance and physique while having a significant decrease in terms of side effects and risks.

All of this makes Equipoise very appealing for steroid beginners who are willing to keep side effects at bay. But it’s also extremely popular among advanced steroid users due to the same purposes of reduced side effects as well as the fact that it can offer great results as long as they’re looking for specific goals.

Equipoise Profile

The attached ester, Undecylenate, is making Boldenone hormone release very slowly in your body after administration. It can linger in the body for up to about three weeks after injection. That’s why this is a very slow-acting anabolic and androgenic steroid. The Equipoise steroid benefits that you are searching for will take a while until you can notice them. According to people with experience, it takes weeks of continuous use until you notice the first benefits. But thanks to this very long half-life, users can get along by using Equipoise only once a week. You get slow results and it flushes out of the system slowly, but you inject it less often. That’s why, by the way, EQ cycles are usually longer, at least 12 weeks.

Equipoise doesn’t have any medical uses. It’s not an approved medication for humans, although research indicates that it could be helpful for treating bone issues such as osteoporosis and muscle wasting diseases.

This is the reason Equipoise is so appealing to bodybuilders. It can offer amazing results that bodybuilders, athletes, and gym rats find highly attractive. For example, it will function by enhancing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. At the same time, it will increase red blood cell count and will increase the output of the insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). Moreover, it is going to reduce the stress hormones such as cortisol. Bodybuilders know how immensely important all of this is for their cycles.


Equipoise Steroid Benefits

Many people think of Equipoise as a milder version of actual testosterone. After all, it is a derivative of testosterone with reduced androgenic and estrogenic activity. Plus it takes longer to kick in the system due to the longer ester.

However, this also makes EQ an extremely useful steroid to include in a stack. Additionally, because of less androgenic and less estrogenic activity, it’s more versatile than standard testosterone.

Anyway, check below some of the main Equipoise steroid benefits that you can expect from using this compound:

Lean Muscle Mass Gains

Boldenone Undecylenate is not such a powerful muscle gainer as other steroids are, yet, it can still help you gain decent muscle mass nevertheless. While you can get moderate muscle gains, the good news is that the EQ gains are clean and quality gains. The muscles you can grow with Equipoise are cleaner than with other steroids because of its reduced estrogenic activity. This reduces water retention.

Overall, due to the structure of Equipoise, the gains that you can make with EQ are going to be slower and steadier but quality lean muscle mass gains than with other steroids. For this reason, Equipoise is a popular choice in bulking cycle stack. Stacked with testosterone, it can bring amazing muscle gains.

Fat Burns and Preservation of Muscles

I mentioned earlier that Equipoise is a universal compound and that’s because people could use it both for bulking and for cutting cycles. Except for being a great muscle builder, it is also an amazing muscle keeper. This means that EQ is going to do an amazing job when it comes to cutting cycles as it will help retain lean muscle tissues during caloric-restricted diets.

But not only that – EQ is going to aid fat-burning processes too. Adding Equipoise to the cycle will be effective at burning the fat. In bulking cycles, it helps you gain less fat. In cutting cycles, it greatly enhances the fat burning benefits while the individual is on a proper diet and training plan.

That’s why Equipoise is an awesome steroid when it comes to body conditioning while cutting. It doesn’t really aromatize too much and it is burning fat while preserving muscle – just perfect for cutting needs.


Appetite Increase

While Equipoise steroid benefits are awesome for cutting cycles, you need to be careful with it during cutting because it may increase appetite. This usually occurs when you use EQ in higher doses. That’s why EQ in lower doses is great for cutting to burn fat and preserve muscle while avoiding an increase in appetite. However, appetite increase in higher dosages of EQ that can occur is extremely effective for bulking cycles.

Raising an appetite while enhancing protein synthesis is extremely beneficial for bulking cycles when you need to eat enough calories to continue growing. Appetite increase alone is the reason why so many people use it for bulking cycles. Because many people struggle to eat enough during off-season bulking.

Strength, Recovery, Endurance, and Performance Enhancement

This steroid is not only going to make you look better, but it is going to make you perform overall much better too. People using Boldenone Undecylenate report much faster recovery after intense training sessions. This allows them to work out more often. Of course, this leads to more and faster results. Except for that, they can work out more intensively and for longer periods because EQ will also increase endurance. Additionally, people suggest that you will also get stronger, allowing you to lift heavier weights. Of course, this leads to much better and faster results.

Overall, Equipoise might not be the most powerful strength boosting steroid available, but it is still doing a great job of increasing your strength and overall performance indicators. Thanks to improved endurance, recovery, stamina, and energy levels, your overall athletic performance gets to another level.

The overall effects of Equipoise will definitely contribute to the way you feel and the way you look.

Equipoise Steroid Benefits Summary

This is by far not the most powerful steroid and it’s also a steroid that you need to use for long periods in order to yield the results and benefits. Nevertheless, it’s worth the wait and it’s worth giving it a try. While it may not be the strongest, it’s also much milder in terms of side effects. While it would do an awesome job in muscle growth, strength boost, and fat burning, you are less likely to get negative effects. Moreover, there’s no need to inject it too often and all the gains that you will yield are dry, clean, and quality gains. You will look much better without a puffy muscle appearance and enhanced vascularity.

But as said earlier, to experience the above mentioned Equipoise steroid benefits, learn how to use it correctly first and make sure you get the best quality steroids.

At you could learn how to use an Equipoise cycle specifically for you and your needs. Moreover, we can supply you with Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate) of the best possible quality for the most competitive prices on the market.




Letrozole (Femara) is a non-steroidal and non-suicidal aromatase inhibitor (AI). This is a third generation of aromatase inhibitors. Letrozole is the active substance while Femara is the first and most popular brand name. While other brand names are available of Letrozole, Femara is the most popular one.

  • Letrozole (Femara) is very similar to Anastrozole (Arimidex) and Exemestane (Aromasin) since all three are the major Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs). The difference between Letrozole (Femara) and other AIs I just mentioned is that Femara is more powerful. In fact, this AI is the most powerful one on the market.

In medical conditions, all three of these compounds are used for treating estrogen receptor breast cancer in females. But since it’s such a powerful aromatase inhibitor, it’s usually utilized for the treatment of post menopausal women.

Since Femara (Letrozole) is an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) it is also an anti-estrogen. Anti-estrogens are containing Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) such as Exemestane (Aromasin), Anastrozole (Arimidex), and Letrozole (Femara) as well as Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) such as Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) and Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate). AIs and SERMs form anti-estrogens.

However, there’s a huge difference between the mechanism of action of SERMs and AIs. While SERMs are selectively binding to specific estrogen receptors blocking their activity, AIs are binding to aromatase enzymes, blocking aromatization and thus reducing estrogen levels.

Considering that these compounds are dealing with estrogen in different ways, each and every one of these anti-estrogens is used in bodybuilding purposes for various needs. While steroid users run AIs for similar purposes in order to lower estrogen, they may also use SERMs for different needs, such as for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) Plans.

Learning About Femara

If you plan to use or already use anabolic steroids, I strongly recommend learning as much as possible about anti-estrogens first. Both about all SERMs and all AIs.



In this article, however, we’re mostly going to pay attention and talk about this specific aromatase inhibitor. Letrozole with the brand name Femara. It is a popular drug in bodybuilding circles due to its estrogen controlling and reducing capabilities of Letrozole.

That’s a great thing among anabolic steroid users that are engaged in the use of aromatizing anabolic steroids. For example Testosterone, Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, or others. With the help of Femara (or at least other AIs), they can effectively control the issues of excess of estrogen hormone. Using aromatizing (AKA “wet”) steroids generally leads to an increase in estrogen levels. Too high estrogen levels are capable of causing various negative side effects such as bloating, gynecomastia, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, low mood, and low energy levels including other symptoms.

Letrozole effects on serum estrogen levels are the strongest and most effective out of the three major aromatase inhibitors. It’s going to have the most powerful effect when it comes to lowering estrogen levels. According to studies, Femara’s effects in inhibiting the aromatase enzyme can be so strong that it is reducing estrogen levels too much. That’s why, the compound is often given only to post menopausal women, or when other AIs fail to reduce the estrogen efficiently. Generally, it is common for all AIs to reduce estrogen effectively and all three aromatase inhibitors work the same way. They are binding to the aromatase enzymes. This is not allowing the process of aromatization of other hormones to convert into estrogen. Therefore, it lowers estrogen levels in the body. But Letrozole is the most effective one.

Femara in Bodybuilding


All Aromatase Inhibitors are blocking aromatization, therefore reducing overall estrogen levels in the body. This is going to increase the endogenous production of LH (Luteinizing Hormone) as well as FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone). As a result of that, this is increasing testosterone levels in men.

That’s why some people use AIs for their PCT plans. But considering that Femara is suppressing estrogen so powerfully, it may not be a great option because it could suppress estrogen too much.

Anyway, bodybuilders and athletes that use anabolic steroids will usually notice estrogen levels increase. There are some anabolic steroids that do not convert into estrogen and they are not going to increase these hormone levels. But a lot of steroids, especially those used in bulking cycles, do aromatize. Some examples are Testosterone (all esters), Nandrolone (both Deca and NPP), Boldenone (EQ), Methandienone (Dianabol), and others. By using Femara in these cycles, you’re eliminating any possible risks of estrogen related side effects.

  • In short, Femara (and other AIs) are doing a great job in lowering estrogen and thus dealing with or preventing estrogen related issues. The most common ones are erectile dysfunction, water retention, bloating, low mood and/or energy as well as gynecomastia (gyno).

Letrozole (Femara) itself, in bodybuilding, is mostly seen as a last resort AI for emergency situations. Being so powerful, it can suppress too much estrogen which leads to issues. Other less powerful AIs like Anastrozole or Exemestane are enough for most people. But in case you need something more powerful to reduce estrogen, Femara is perfect.

Moreover, being so powerful, Femara is the perfect option for gynecomastia treatment. That’s why most steroid users run it in situations when other AIs are not effective in treating gyno. Femara is the only one that can save you from gyno surgery.

Femara Dosage and Administration

Women who are prescribed Femara (Letrozole) are usually prescribed 2.5 mg a day for a period that can be very different. The doctor determines the length.

However, it’s extremely important to understand that this dosage is huge! Using such a dosage is extremely likely to cause weakness and fatigue because it is extremely likely to lower estrogen levels too much!

Anabolic steroid users usually administer way lower dosages! Such as a quarter of the tablet (most Letrozole tablets come as 2.5 mg/tab) which is about 0.62 mg up to half a tablet 1.25 mg per administration. Most start using it when they notice that other AIs are not effective enough.

They tend to use one dosage as often as daily to only once or twice a week depending on how effective the product is to deal with their needs. Usually, men who start to experience gynecomastia (man’s boobs or bitch tits) linked with the use of anabolic steroids in higher doses start to use Femara.

Letrozole Side Effects

Femara (Letrozole) is amazing in lowering estrogen levels, as was said numerous times in this article. And I said it so many times because this AI is actually lowering estrogen even stronger than it is supposed to at times. Because it may lower estrogen levels too much, it’s pretty obvious that side effects are possible to occur.

The side effects of Letrozole or any other AI are usually related to the fact that the estrogen levels are too low. That’s why the side effects are very similar to those of other popular Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) such as Arimidex or Aromasin. But they are even more likely to occur with Femara because it is having even more intense effects and does an even greater job of lowering estrogen.

The chances of side effects of Femara in bodybuilders are lower than in females treating breast cancer. First off, because estrogen is way more important in women and they need higher levels of this hormone to properly function, and secondly because bodybuilders usually need lower doses of this compound for shorter periods than females treating breast cancer.

Remember that Femara is the compound that anabolic steroid users run in order to reduce the side effects associated with anabolic steroids. That’s why you should use it in the first place. To avoid other side effects such as gynecomastia and water retention. So, you only need to use it for as long and in the dosage that is effective. So, use it in a manner that will not cause suppression of estrogen to go too far.


Possible Side Effects

Although many mistakenly think that estrogen is a female hormone, it is actually very important for a man too. By lowering it too much, too sharply, and/or for too prolonged periods, side effects are almost inevitable.

By lowering too much estrogen, users tend to experience fatigue and weakness. Needless to mention that this is a huge problem among those who want to gain muscle mass and strength. That’s because fatigue and weakness could cause big problems for their workout schedules.

But there are other possible side effects too that are associated with the use of this drug (and lowering estrogen) such as hot flashes, depression, mood swings, headaches, joint pain, and others.

Estrogen is important for your Central Nervous System (CNS) and that’s why headaches, weakness, and fatigue are all possible to occur with this AI.

Femara is sometimes associated with joint pains because estrogen is important for bone health. Reducing this hormone could lead to reduced mineral content inside bones. But if you do not deal with this problem, it may actually lead to osteoporosis. Nonetheless, considering that anabolic steroid users running AIs such as Femara only use it for short periods of time in lower doses, and they tend to use it with anabolic steroids that actually boost the mineral content of bones, the osteoporosis risk is extremely low.


In the end, it’s very important to understand that there are some people who are reacting negatively to Femara, but there are others who don’t. Everybody is different, having individual reactions to various compounds such as Letrozole. That’s why, it’s up to each one individually to decide whether they want to use the product or not. If you give it a try and get side effects, despite making sure you have high quality Letrozole and use it correctly, might try another compound.

Moreover, while it may sound strange to some of you, estrogen is actually important for erections and libido. This means that if you have too low levels of this hormone, you may notice some erections and libido issues. Many people may notice low mood and mood swings including depression with low levels of this hormone. Additionally, after all, this hormone helps you gain strength and muscle. Without estrogen, you could notice a halt in your muscle and strength gains.


The last side effect that we can associate with the use of Femara (Letrozole) is cholesterol issues. Again, because estrogen is an important hormone for your cholesterol values. If you don’t have enough of this hormone in your system, it could significantly affect your cholesterol. Especially when talking about a decrease in HDL (good) cholesterol levels. But it could also lead to an increase in LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

That’s something extremely important to consider. Because anabolic steroids themselves are having the ability to impact your cholesterol levels in a negative way. If you use anabolic steroids for long periods and/or in higher doses – the risk of cholesterol issues increases. But when you lower estrogen, the risk of such problems may exacerbate.

For this reason, I strongly recommend users follow a cholesterol friendly diet with lots of Omega 3 fatty acids in their diet. Try to minimize saturated fats and simple sugars and implement cardio exercises that could help with it. Moreover, you may want to avoid the use of steroids in the first place if you already have cholesterol issues. Therefore, you won’t need AI either.


As long as you’re using aromatizing steroids, there’s a very high chance that you are going to need Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs). Femara (Letrozole) is the most powerful AI out there which means that it is going to do the best job of lowering estrogen. If other AIs fail to work in treating gynecomastia, Femara is your best bet.

Femara-5mgHowever, being so powerful, you need to be very careful with it. Because you may suppress estrogen too much leading to negative side effects. But on the other hand, I strongly recommend having an AI handy in case estrogenic issues from anabolic steroids spike. And there’s a high chance that they actually would.

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Trenbolone Enanthate

When talking about Trenbolone Enanthate specifically, it’s fairly hard to say where exactly it places itself in terms of popularity among other Trenbolone versions. Talking about Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Enanthate, and Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. Nonetheless, most people still agree that Trenbolone Enanthate is close to Trenbolone Hexa (Parabolan) in terms of second most popular after Trenbolone Acetate.

Trenbolone Acetate is definitely taking the first place among athletes and bodybuilders for the most popular Tren version. While for other anabolic steroids is the other way around, in terms of longer steroids being more popular among bodybuilders, Trenbolone is different. Tren Acetate, with the shortest ester, is the most popular because of Trenbolone power and potency.

Trenbolone Popularity

Trenbolone, being arguably one of the most powerful steroids (if not the most) on the market, will be “hard” on your body. So most go for the Acetate version that enters your system faster (offering you a faster idea of how it works for you) and flushes out of your system faster too (in case you get side effects, they will quickly disappear than with longer Tren versions). Considering the huge potency of Tren, side effects are likely to occur, so that’s a big advantage. Moreover, with shorter versions, you could easily adjust the dosage that is most suitable for you and your needs.

Yet, you need to inject Trenbolone Acetate every day or at least every other day. Injecting it less often will not be enough to maintain stable levels of Tren in the blood. That’s why some people choose Trenbolone Enanthate. Thanks to Enanthate which is a long ester, it extends the half-life of Trenbolone to 7-10 days. Trenbolone Acetate half-life is only 2-3 days. Therefore, you can get along injecting Trenbolone Enanthate only twice per week.

As you can see, both longer and shorter versions come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Trenbolone Enanthate Ester


In terms of pharmacokinetics and release rate, Trenbolone Enanthate is identical to Testosterone Enanthate or any other anabolic steroid that has the Enanthate ester. That’s why you inject them in very similar ways.

Considering that steroids with Enanthate ester are coming in the form of injections (oily solutions meant to inject intramuscularly) – you also use them in the exact same way and same frequency.

So, you just split your planned weekly dosage into two administrations and use them twice per week, evenly apart throughout the week.

For example, if your weekly dosage of Trenbolone Enanthate is 400 mg, I recommend using 200 mg on Monday (or Tuesday) and 200 mg on Thursday (or Friday, respectively).

I also should mention that esters that get attached to the main hormone (regardless if it’s Trenbolone, Testosterone, or any other) – they are serving just to increase the release rate and half-life of the hormone. The esters do not alter the potency, strength, or pharmacodynamics of the main hormone.


  • Trenbolone Acetate has a half-life of 3 days, Trenbolone Enanthate half-life is 7-10 days, and Trenbolone Hexa (Parabolan) half-life is 14-15 days.

Therefore, you need to have different injection schedules and they will fully enter and fully flush out of your system at different rates. But in terms of how Trenbolone will work – there’s no difference, as long as we talk about the same dosage.

Trenbolone Hormone

Trenbolone itself, as a base hormone, is an extremely powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid. It cannot aromatize into estrogen. Yet, it expresses an anabolic and androgenic activity that is 5 times the strength of Testosterone.

Therefore, Trenbolone (Tren) is capable of greatly changing your physical appearance. While it helps burn fat, Tren is one of the best steroids for strength increase and lean muscle mass growth. Therefore, it helps you develop one of the most visually pleasing body appearances. You will appear fuller, bigger, leaner, shredded, drier, and more vascular.

However, being so powerful, it’s also capable of causing pretty nasty side effects. The common anabolic steroids side effects are more likely to appear with Trenbolone than with most other steroids.

For this reason, Trenbolone was only approved for human use as Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate for a short while then it got discontinued. The only Tren version that is still approved nowadays is Trenbolone Acetate, but it is used just in livestock. Trenbolone Enanthate never had any official uses, nonetheless, it’s still an extremely popular steroid in bodybuilding. As said, Tren Acetate seems to be even more popular.

Despite Tren not being approved for human use, it’s still an extremely popular steroid in bodybuilding and athletic circles. While side effects are possible to occur, a lot of people suggest that using it correctly, you’re likely to avoid or tolerate them very well. At the same time, Trenbolone Enanthate (or Acetate) is extremely appealing due to its awesome benefits in terms of body recomposition.


What is Trenbolone Enanthate?

As I already said, Trenbolone Enanthate is a long ester version of the extremely powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid Trenbolone. Trenbolone itself is a derivative of Nandrolone (Deca Durabolin) because it’s also a 19-nor anabolic steroid.

They are called 19-nor steroids because they lack a carbon at 19 position on their structure. This is why Trenbolone is also a progestin steroid. Because of the structural modifications from Nandrolone, Trenbolone is completely immune to aromatization (converting into estrogen). In addition to that, Trenbolone is even stronger at binding to the androgen receptors.

With this being said, Trenbolone is not going to produce any estrogenic side effects. At the same time, Trenbolone is possessing extremely powerful and strong anabolic and androgenic activity. The anabolic and androgenic ratio is 500:500. In comparison – the anabolic to androgenic ratio of testosterone is 100:100. That’s why Trenbolone is five times more powerful than Testosterone and that’s why it’s such a powerful steroid. Another part of the reason why it’s so strong is that its chemical structure allows it to have a stronger resistance to the metabolism in the body. This greatly maximizes the anabolic abilities of the compounds.

  • Since it comes with Enanthate ester, as I earlier said, it slows the release rate of the Trenbolone in the body. This extends the half-life of Trenbolone Enanthate to about 7-10 days.

With all this information, I guess it’s pretty clear why Trenbolone Enanthate is such a popular and effective steroid among bodybuilders and athletes. Being so unique and versatile in terms of capabilities, you could literally use it for any goals you may have such as bulking, lean muscle mass growth, cutting, weight loss, strength gain as well as other goals that may be more specific.

Trenbolone Enanthate Cycle


Remember though, due to long ester and slower activity in the body, Trenbolone Enanthate is usually used in longer cycles. It takes 3-6 weeks to fully kick in the system and make you yield results. Therefore, the cycle length is usually no less than 10 weeks, up to about 16-18 weeks. Yet, the most common cycle lengths are 12-14 weeks.

Additionally, because of this ester and longer half-life, users will usually inject Trenbolone Enanthate (intramuscularly) twice a week. Each injection should be spaced evenly apart in even dosages. So, if you plan to use 400 mg/week of Trenbolone Enanthate, for example, it would be enough to use 200 mg on Monday, for example, and the other half of 200 mg on Thursday or Friday.

I strongly recommend stacking Trenbolone Enanthate with Testosterone as a base in any cycle. Pretty much as with any other steroids – Testosterone is important in any cycle.

You need a PCT plan after each Trenbolone Enanthate cycle pretty much as with any other steroids too.

Moreover, more advanced users can stack Trenbolone with other steroids. But I have to warn you that Trenbolone with Testosterone is an extremely powerful duo. It is very likely to be extremely helpful on their own.

Using Trenbolone

Trenbolone dosage is ranging between 200 mg and 600 mg a week. Some people use even higher dosages but that’s greatly increasing the risks of side effects. Side effects can occur even if you stick to the dosages within this range.

I strongly recommend beginners start at 200 mg/week and might increase the dosage only if they notice that the compound works very well for them.

Nonetheless, remember that Trenbolone is a powerful anabolic steroid. It is considered good enough only for users that are having an intermediate to advanced level in terms of steroids. Many tend to think that it’s best to take the first step with Trenbolone Enanthate because of the convenience of using it only twice a week. In contrast, Trenbolone Acetate requires injections every day or at least every other day. But the disadvantage of starting with a longer version of Trenbolone (such as Enanthate or especially Hexa) is that Trenbolone is such an extremely powerful anabolic steroid. It carries some potential side effects that can be pretty powerful too. That’s why Trenbolone is the steroid that many consider a “harsh” anabolic steroid. Therefore, beginners to Trenbolone might find Trenbolone Acetate a better option.

While they need to use it more often, the faster half-life of Trenbolone will ensure faster results from Trenbolone and faster clearance from the body. You will easily adjust the dosage, get a faster idea of how it works and, in case you get undesirable side effects, it will quickly disappear when you stop Trenbolone Acetate.

Who Uses Trenbolone Enanthate?

With Trenbolone Enanthate, the time it requires to reach the peak and optimal plasma levels is much longer than with Trenbolone Acetate. With Trenbolone Acetate users will notice gains by weeks 1-3. But with Trenbolone Enanthate they will require 4-6 weeks (depending on each individual) until the hormone “kicks in”. That’s when it would offer results.

It also gets out of the system slower in case you develop side effects. While with Tren Acetate it is unlikely for side effects to persist for a week, with Tren Enanthate it can last as long as 2-3 weeks.

Therefore, Trenbolone Enanthate is what you would consider an advanced Trenbolone user. People who know how Trenbolone works for them will go for Enanthate for less frequency of injections. Those are people who use Tren Acetate previously.



Trenbolone Results

Trenbolone will not aromatize and will not cause hepatotoxicity. It offers the amazing benefits of burning fat while growing immense amounts of muscles. At the same time, it will greatly enhance strength levels. But it does offer the common anabolic steroids side effects. Such as testosterone suppression and androgenic issues in men. Especially virilization issues in women. As well as high blood pressure including negative effects on cholesterol values and the cardiovascular system and others in both genders. The difference is that with Trenbolone – all the effects are more intense and more powerful.

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Nolvadex Side Effects

If you’re planning to use anabolic steroids, you really should start learning about Nolvadex side effects. What’s the relation between the two? Find out here. In fact, not only about Nolvadex side effects but everything about it. That’s all because if you want to use any anabolic steroids, you’re going to need Nolvadex too.

This is an extremely important tool for bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids because it’s both dealing with gynecomastia during the cycle and is important for PCT.

Gynecomastia is common among steroid users because of the way steroids work and Nolvadex helps you prevent or deal with it. At the same time, PCT is important to restart natural testosterone production. So, even if you don’t experience gyno, you still need a PCT plan. We receive almost every day questions from customers as to what they need to use for PCT. Nolvadex is among the most popular and effective compounds for such purposes.

There’s also Clomid (clomiphene) for such purposes and some love Clomid more than Nolvadex. Yet, many prefer Nolvadex or use them both during PCT. Moreover, Clomid is not effective for gyno, while Nolvadex is. So, as you can see, Nolvadex is almost an indispensable tool among steroid users.

For this reason, we’re going to talk more about Nolvadex and more specifically about Nolvadex side effects. We’re going to indicate what Nolvadex does in bodybuilding as well as how to use it correctly to avoid Nolvadex side effects. But you still need to be aware of its side effects. It’s important to know what you can expect (both positives and negatives) when using a compound.

What Does Nolvadex Do?

nolvadex-tamoxifen-odin-pharmaNolvadex is the brand name of the active substance Tamoxifen (full name – Tamoxifen Citrate). You could find Tamoxifen as numerous other brand names. In the end, as long as you get high quality Tamoxifen, the brand/trade name doesn’t matter. Everyone calls it Nolvadex though because it’s the most popular brand name of this substance.

Tamoxifen is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM), therefore, Nolvadex side effects will be similar to other SERMs such as Clomid (Clomiphene). Yet, they are somewhat different considering they are still different compounds.

Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) is acting as an estrogen antagonist in some parts of the body and as an estrogen agonist in different parts of the body. That’s why it blocks the estrogen activity in the breast tissues (thus blocking gyno formation in men or estrogen positive breast cancer in women) and at the pituitary gland (which helps boost natural testosterone production in men). At the same time, it enhances the estrogen activity in ovaries, for example, that’s why some women receive it as a prescription medication for infertility treatment.

  • For bodybuilders, Nolvadex is important, as said, due to its estrogen receptor blocking properties. Because it blocks estrogen receptors in breast tissues, gynecomastia can’t form or grow. Because it blocks estrogen receptors reaching the pituitary gland, it makes your gland secrete more LH and FSH – important hormones for producing testosterone.



When it comes to gyno, Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) is fairly popular as a medication that suppresses estrogenic action in breast tissue in order to prevent gynecomastia. It is working fairly well during the cycle when the user is exposed to anabolic steroids that aromatize into estrogen and experience high estrogenic issues.

It’s important to understand that it will not completely eliminate the possibility of gyno though. Moreover, it’s not going to be effective against gynecomastia that forms as a result of high prolactin levels. For such scenarios, users will require Cabergoline (Dostinex).

How To Use Nolvadex?

As with any other compound out there, in order to avoid the Nolvadex side effects, you need to make sure you use it correctly. This is the most important factor. Yet, of course, there are others too. Some people, for example, are having natural (genetics) overreaction (hypersensitivity) to it or allergies. At the same time, some people respond differently than others.

Moreover, it’s pretty obvious that in order to experience the best results, you need the best quality tamoxifen. That’s why, I strongly recommend to buy Nolvadex for sale. You won’t only save money for this product, but you make sure you get the best quality product. Therefore, you ensure it will work the way it is meant to work and it will also cause the least possible side effects.

nolvadex-side-effects-bodybuilding-usesNolvadex Dosage in Bodybuilding

Anyway, tamoxifen usually comes in tablets of 20 mg/tablet. You need to use it on a daily basis whether you use it for your gyno or for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan. The common dosage for bodybuilders is 1-2 tablets a day (20-40 mg/day). Someone, rarely, may use 3-4 tablets (60-80 mg) a day for gyno or PCT, but that’s uncommon.

You use it for as long as you deal with gyno if you use it for this purpose, or for as long as the PCT plan lasts (usually, 4 weeks in terms of PCT). A very common PCT plan with tamoxifen is:

The first 2 weeks of the PCT start with 20 mg/day of Nolvadex (2 tablets) and then the final 2 weeks go with 1 tablet (20 mg/day) of Nolvadex.

Needless to mention that the higher the dosage, the higher the chances of experiencing side effects. And of course, side effects can occur as long as you naturally (genetically) have hypersensitivity or allergies and/or if you get poor quality stuff.

The good news is that bodybuilders tolerate Nolvadex very well. Bodybuilders rarely report/experience Nolvadex side effects as long as they use it correctly. The compound is meant to deal with issues caused by other compounds, not cause them on their own. Even if side effects appear, they are very likely to be very well tolerated.

Explaining Nolvadex Side Effects

SHBG Increase

I have said that Nolvadex (tamoxifen) is working as an estrogen antagonist in the body, in some parts of the body. Nevertheless, it works as an estrogen agonist in other parts of the body. This means that it will actually boost estrogenic activity in those parts of the body.

When it works this way in the liver, for example, this leads to a higher increase in sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels. As we know, bodybuilders are looking for ways to lower it because SHBG is binding to testosterone, therefore, it’s lowering free testosterone in the body. Free testosterone (AKA unbound testosterone) is the type of testosterone that offers you all the positive effects of testosterone. Some notable high testosterone effects are increases in muscle mass, enhancement of strength and endurance as well as better libido, and numerous others. If you get more SHBG, you get less of these positive effects. That’s why bodybuilders want to actually lower SHBG and boost free testosterone levels.


While this effect is mild, tamoxifen can still lower free testosterone, thus having the potential to hurt the gains. That’s the main reason why using it in the lowest effective dosage is the best idea. This is the reason why you wouldn’t ever hear of bodybuilders using Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) as a standalone compound. It’s simply ineffective and might even be detrimental to gaining muscle mass and strength, despite the fact that it is capable of significantly increasing natural testosterone production in men. But at the same time, despite the negative effect, Nolvadex is actually an indispensable tool for bodybuilders and those who use anabolic steroids for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

Nevertheless, remember not to overdo it or use it when it is not required. Nolvadex side effects can be bad only if you don’t use it correctly, but generally, it is a very important and helpful product. To understand it easier and explain it simply – a good amount of testosterone that you increase with Nolvadex will not take effect because of an increase in SHBG.


IGF-1 Suppression

Due to the same effect that tamoxifen has on your liver, we can also mention another negative effect of this compound when it comes to bodybuilding. For example, it has the ability to suppress the production of the extremely important peptide hormone IGF-1. Ask any professional bodybuilder about the importance of IGF-1 and you’ll never want to lower it.

IGF-1 is broken down from Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and by itself, IGF-1 seems to be even more potent than Growth Hormone (GH) when talking about the purpose of gaining muscle mass and packing on size. This means that with low levels of IGF-1, you’re likely going to struggle to gain any muscle mass. But on the contrary, high levels of this peptide hormone are going to have a huge contribution to the process of building a much better looking physique and doing it fast.

Because of the Nolvadex side effects on the liver, this may suppress some IGF-1 levels and as you can guess, it’s leading to a suppressed ability to build muscle mass. This, in combination with the fact that it raises SHBG – Nolvadex is great for PCT plans and gynecomastia, but it’s an extremely poor choice to grow muscle. It’s also an extremely bad idea to use it when it is not necessary or abuse it.

Liver Damage

As you can see, the Nolvadex side effects that I’ve mentioned so far are due to its negative effects on the liver. Does it mean that Nolvadex is liver toxic? Well, it depends. Yes, of course it is liver toxic as long as it causes any negative effects on this organ. Nonetheless, studies prove tamoxifen causes fatty liver (increasing liver enzymes) in women who usually use Nolvadex in much higher doses than what men need for their bodybuilding purposes and most importantly – for much longer periods.

As I said, men usually use Nolvadex only to prevent/fight off gyno and/or during the PCT plan, in both situations, they only use it for a period of 4-8 weeks. That’s why the previously mentioned issues with Nolvadex are rarely a problem for bodybuilders too. Liver toxicity including the previous Nolvadex side effects I’ve mentioned can become a problem only if you abuse it in terms of prolonged use and/or high dosage. Or if you have some hyper reaction to it, allergies, or already have liver issues and/or use poor tamoxifen quality.

Low Libido

Some men report low libido as a result of using Nolvadex. It seems that it has to do with the negative impact on free testosterone levels that Tamoxifen has. As a result of increasing SHBG, there are not enough free testosterone levels and a man might experience some sexual dysfunction including low libido and sex drive. This may also lead to erectile dysfunction too.

However, it’s important to mention that this is not true for everyone. While some men experience low libido, for others it’s the other way around. They experience a boost in their libido thanks to Nolvadex and that’s thanks to its ability to boost natural Testosterone levels. That’s why its effects can be very different from one man to another.

Mood Swings

Mood swings are actually, perhaps the most common Nolvadex side effects reported by bodybuilders using it or other SERMs (like Clomid). Due to the way they work, SERMs like tamoxifen can cause mood swings with reports of feeling emotionally unstable, low mood, or even depression. But then again, due to the way it works, some positive mental changes are occurring among bodybuilders too. Some people report feeling more motivated, better, or simply being able to enjoy life better.

Not everyone experiences the negative side effect or the positive ones. Not everyone experiences mood swings. Nonetheless, there are a good amount of reports of such issues. So, while using Nolvadex, it’s good to pay attention to what people around you are telling you in terms of your mood and behavior.


Some people are also reporting headaches while using Nolvadex. It’s another fairly common side effect that people may experience with any other SERMs out there. The good news though is that most people say that taking a pain relieving pill will do well in dealing with those headaches.

Hot Flashes

Another thing that I should mention about Nolvadex side effects is hot flashes. While that’s rarely a problem in winter, in the summer when the weather is hot it can be a real problem. Moreover, hot flashes may not be a huge problem during the day. But some bodybuilders find it hard to get quality sleep due to hot flashes. Try to keep cool with cool water, an air conditioner, etc.

Final Thoughts on Nolvadex Side Effects

It’s important to understand that Nolvadex is actually an extremely important and sometimes essential tool for anabolic steroid users. Both because it can help deal with gynecomastia and it’s an extremely helpful and therefore popular compound for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plans.sixpex-nolvapex

It can be extremely important when using steroids. Especially when you use it right. Yet, the overuse of Nolvadex can cause a host of side effects. The good news is that most men tolerate it very well and do not report any side effects at all. Even if someone does experience any, they are generally well tolerated. But if you experience some pretty bad Nolvadex side effects it’s most likely due to one of these reasons:

  • You abuse it (prolonged use and/or too high dosage)
  • You have a low tolerance to it genetically (naturally) such as allergies or overreaction
  • Tamoxifen that you use is of poor quality

While you can’t change anything as long as it is due to genetics (but that’s extremely and extremely rare), you should make sure you use Nolvadex properly and use high quality products. At you could buy Nolvadex for sale of the purest quality and learn how to use it right.