Bodybuilding Tips To Grow Muscle

When it comes to bodybuilding, there are a lot of tips and tricks you can find. However, not all of them are helpful. Worse, some are even detrimental. So, which bodybuilding tips should you follow in order to make sure that you’re on the right path? Follow those that are backed by science!

A lot of bodybuilding tips are scientifically backed. This way, by following them, you can be sure that you will boost your muscle growth process, and not the other way around.

What Causes Muscle Growth?

When it comes to muscle growth, you should realize that there are three main key factors that affect your muscle gains, and make it possible in the first place. First off, you need to exercise. Second, you need to eat right to support muscle growth. Third, you need to rest in order to allow the foods you eat to reach your muscles and make them grow.

  • When it comes to exercise – there are also three primary triggers of hypertrophy (increasing lean muscle mass).

Mechanical tension

If you would lift easy weights in the gym, it won’t help you get the gains you strive for. Just think about it, we’re lifting something on a daily basis, but we don’t grow muscles. Instead, your muscles need to overcome resistance to grow. The stronger and bigger muscles you have, the bigger resistance you need. Also, the harder you need to contract them, the greater the mechanical tension. You need mechanical tension as it works by distributing the integrity of a muscle, which will trigger muscle growth. However, it is not all about getting bigger, you also need to get stronger and more powerful. Generally, the heavier you can lift (lift well, with proper form), the more tension you produce. This is what results in big gains.

Microtrauma muscle damage

Muscle damage doesn’t involve injuries. Please avoid them as much as you can. I am talking about microtraumas of your muscles and connective tissues. By causing this trauma, it will trigger the production of new muscle cells. This stimulates muscle growth because more and stronger muscle cells grow. You need to learn to do it right. For example, pumping out a load of bicep curls is going to feel like you’re doing it perfectly to bulk up your arms. What you may not realize is that the lowering phase of a bicep curl is actually producing greater micro-traumas than the lift itself. That’s why, doing it with proper form and in a controlled way is so important than just attempting the lift.

Metabolic Stress

The science behind metabolic stress suggests that it is likely to cause powerful muscle growth. Metabolic stress is a powerful stimulus for hypertrophy. That’s why, the next time that you are running up a flight of stairs and you feel it burning – make the most of it! This is the reason why people often involved in high-intensity exercise experience muscle growth! That muscle burn during such exercises helps maximize the gains!

Bodybuilding Tips For Muscle Growth!

If you keep in mind those three important things when it comes to growing muscle, you’re sure on the right path of bodybuilding, maximizing muscle growth. But there are lots of other things you should consider.

It’s obvious that you should have a proper recovery alongside a balanced and healthy diet. Nevertheless, you need to learn the best ways to grow muscles in the gym. As said, you do not grow them in the gym, but you need to learn how to workout the right way. This way, you’re sure to find the sweet spot when it comes to creating stress, tension, and microtrauma in your muscles, so they can grow further.

Challenge Your Muscles

In case you are doing the same workout, the same reps, and the same exercise, you just can’t expect different results. You will get the same bodybuilding results. In order to make sure really serious muscle gains, you need some serious challenges for your muscles. You will need to challenge muscles in new ways. It may involve new exercises, new workouts, new weights, or new reps.

So, that’s why, you may have already heard until now about progressive overload. That’s because this is actually one of the best bodybuilding tips around. This means that you should be regularly increasing the challenge that you put on your muscles.

This means that you should lift heavier. But heavier lifts are just one approach to progressive overload. There are a lot of other bodybuilding tricks you can attempt:

  • Doing more reps
  • Lift slower (or faster)
  • Reduce rest time between sets
  • Include harder variations of exercise
  • Even switching up your grip could help (from underhand to overhand or vice versa)

What you should know is that in order to maximize your bodybuilding results, you should up your game. Challenge your muscles in new ways.

Do Several Sets

This is easily one of the best tips for bodybuilding and perhaps one of the most effective out there. If you only do one set, you won’t increase muscle the way you would increase doing multiple sets. More sets earn you more muscles. However, it doesn’t mean that the more sets you do, the more muscles it earns. You need to find a perfect balance. And according to studies, the perfect balance of sets of numbers is between 3 to 5. You need to aim to perform the same exercise 3 – 5 times.

Rep Range

A lot of bodybuilding tips will list that you should work out in the “hypertrophy rep range” which is around 8 to 12 reps in each set. Nonetheless, this depends on the type of exercise, your goals, and other factors. For example, lifters working in the hypertrophy range and those lifting a bit lighter for 20 to 25 reps will both experience positive effects. What’s the conclusion?

Go for both. Attempt weights that allow you to go for hypertrophy rep range (8 to 12 reps in the set), yet still go for weights allowing you to rep 20 – 25 times. This way, you’re going to hit your training from both sides. Since you optimize the lifts with a variety of rep ranges, it will help you nail all types of muscle fibers, reaping the best of both worlds.

Do Full-Body Workouts and Splits

When talking about bodybuilding tips, this one has been debated for a long time. A lot of lifters suggest that full-body workouts will deliver greater bodybuilder results as you can work out more muscles more often.

Nonetheless, others suggest that you can experience serious gains when you are focusing on 1 or a maximum of two body parts during your workouts as you can implement more exercises, and focus more on a certain muscle. What should you aim for? Both. I recommend you implement both training plans in your workout regime. This way, again, you’re able to take the benefits of both worlds.

Rest For Longer

Among the most popular bodybuilding tips you may find is the need to reduce resting times. While pumping iron in the gym with minimal rest is on a lot of bodybuilding tips lists, you may notice that actually resting for longer could lead to more results. For example, resting longer periods (for 2-3 minutes) between isolation exercises and compound moves may maximize muscle growth.

Of course, if you’re already resting for this period, it may be worth reducing the rest time. But if you’re used to resting for only a short while (30-60 seconds), increasing the rest time will help you perform better and lift heavier, leading to more gains.

Do NOT assume that small rest periods are not effective. They are extremely helpful, especially if you try to cut fat. But longer rest times will allow you to perform more reps and/or heavier lifts, resulting in bigger muscle growth.

Don’t Lift to Complete Failure

A lot of bodybuilding tips suggest that you should actually lift to complete failure and then again, this definitely has its place in the world of bodybuilding. However, if you’re doing it for a while now, attempt some changes. Do not trail to complete failure for increasing muscle mass. Keep a rep or two. You should only lift to technical failure, in the last set or two of your exercise.

Switch Things Up

It is important to understand that we are all different. That’s why not all bodybuilding tips may work the exact same way for everyone. Even studies are based on various individuals. Although they work with a large pool of bodybuilders, we’re still all very different from one another. What are the best bodybuilding tips here? Switch things up, which means that you should experiment with your workouts and find what is working best specifically for you. If you see that something helps you grow more muscles – do it. Even if it may not help your gym buddy. And the other way around, something may work for him, but it doesn’t mean that it will work for you.

Use Cycle Gear

When talking about bodybuilding tips and tricks, giving your workout your all, having a clean and balanced diet with enough recovery periods and an overall proper strategy for bodybuilding success are the main factors. However, among the bodybuilding tips we can mention is the use of Cycle Gear. Why? Because, as you may have already heard, bodybuilders use anabolic steroids to achieve their mind-blowing goals when it comes to muscle growth. As you may have noticed, they are walking with a huge amount of muscles with a very low body fat percentage. While dieting and proper exercise techniques are vital to achieving it, steroids can take it to the next level.

This means that you can add bulking products that will produce awesome effects for growing muscles fast and efficiently. There are also cutting products meant to preserve lean muscle mass while helping you to burn fat. Moreover, they enhance stamina, energy, and endurance, while also reducing recovery times.


While you may have heard that anabolic steroids are dangerous – that’s only true to some extent. By using the right steroids, of high quality, in proper cycle lengths and dosages, they can remain safe, while being highly efficient. is here to help with that. We can provide the necessary information so you can do it safely and very efficiently. Moreover, we provide the best quality anabolic steroids online for sale, ensuring their maximum quality and purity, while you save money too.

Follow these bodybuilding tips, fuel your body with proper foods before and after your workouts, and get enough sleep for maximum gains. However, by adding our products, you will gain a lot of lean muscle mass and cut a lot of fat, getting jacked and shredded.

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