Bodybuilding Slang And What It Really Means

Whether you’re new to anabolic steroids or lifting weights, there’s a high chance that you’ve heard in the gym some words that you may not fully understand. In fact, some people hitting the gym for years may not seem to fully understand all the gym slang thrown around.

This bodybuilding slang may be used on the internet too, making it harder for you to understand it all. Bodybuilding slang seems to pop all over the place. Being in bodybuilding circles, new terms and catchphrases appear for one reason or another, usually, naturally. The problem is that it can be pretty confusing. And without understanding what they mean, you could miss out on some important information. That’s why, we’re here to break down some of the most popular bodybuilding slang around.


There’s a high chance you already know this one, but just in case, for beginners, it’s important so you know it. Bulking is the process of adding muscle mass through a combination of strength training and nutrition. It’s extremely popular and often used in bodybuilding circles. We use it very often too.


Following on from the bodybuilding slang above, cutting is the “opposite” process of bulking, although they are extremely similar. Cutting is the process of stripping body fat while maintaining as much lean muscle mass as possible. However, they are similar because they both involve proper diet and nutrition alongside proper workout schedule plans. They are mostly different amounts of food and specific workout plans.


Gains mostly mean muscles. Gaining muscle through nutrition and training. People who are training hard usually do it for the gains.

Progressive Overload

Gradually adding more resistance during training exercises as your strength increases. This means that as you’re more experienced in lifting weights and are stronger, you lift heavier/longer/more intensively.


A guy who is new to the gym, with little to no exercise or equipment and a lack of fitness knowledge. Usually, newbies are unaware of what bodybuilding slangs mean. Also, a newbie could be on steroids. For example, someone can tell that he’s a steroids newbie (no experience with anabolic steroids), but not a gym newbie (has experience lifting weights).


What does a “cycle” mean? Well, a cycle is usually a period in which you use something (usually gear/ anabolic steroids) in order to achieve your goals. A cycle fully focuses on physique and performance enhancement involving the required products, diet, workout schedule, and so on and so forth. It could be a “cutting cycle” when you aim to strip body fat and maintain muscle. Or it could be a “bulking cycle” when you aim to gain as much muscle and strength as possible. Among others. A cycle usually lasts 8-16 weeks.


You’re now reading this article at Cycle Gear! What does it mean? Gear stands for anything that helps you achieve your bodybuilding goals. However, most commonly, people call anabolic steroids gear. So, if you hear someone saying “I’m on gear”, you know they use something for their bodybuilding goals. And most likely, that’s anabolic steroids.


Gearing Up

It could mean that you’re preparing all your “gear” for a cycle, but in the gym, it is mostly used “preparing” much like heading into a battle. Bodybuilders refer to “gearing up” when they are getting into a position to do an exercise. Usually, a heavy one. Such as putting on gloves, chalk, and/or a belt.


Now that’s a term used for anabolic steroids only. If someone is “on juice/juicing/juicer” it means they use anabolic steroids. If someone asks you whether “you’re juicing”, they’re basically asking if you’re using anabolic steroids.


The process of dieting and training in order to get ripped for a competition.


This is a common bodybuilding slang for those who are basically bigger than an average guy. Swole is the abbreviation of “swollen”, basically – “swollen muscles”. Or it also could be when you get a pump. Like you’ve got “swole” when getting pumped up during a workout. Also, could be someone who has noticeable water retention. Usually bigger guys.


Really easy – it means pumped/big upper arm muscles, such as biceps and triceps.

  • PS: Based on everything I mentioned so far, I guess you’ll now understand the phrase: “That guy was prepping and juicing gear during his bulking cycle and now he’s swole with big guns”.


Now, this could have various meanings. Some could use the term “getting stacked” as a way to say “gaining muscle”. However, stacking also could be associated with adding more weights to your workout. “Stacking up” for personal best, increase muscle mass, or build strength. Lastly, it could be stacking when talking about steroids. This basically means “mixing up” or “combining”. It means that you use 2 or more steroids together at the same time. Such as: Stacking testosterone and dianabol is one of the best duo for bulking cycles.



That’s usually addressed to a big guy and it’s a compliment. It’s when a guy has wide shoulders, a large back, and a small midsection. This creates the perfect “V” shape when flexing.


When a bodybuilder has visible veins. It’s usually a result of big muscles, low body fat, and heavy exercise.


Pushing so hard during workouts that the veins in the neck are getting super dilated.


Boulders sound similar to shoulders, isn’t it? That’s because that’s what it basically means. Boulders stand as solid as rock shoulders. So it’s basically a compliment if you hear “that you have boulders”.

Jacked Up

Usually, it refers to a guy who has very well developed muscles.


We never want to be called a freak. Well, unless we’re in the gym. In the world of bodybuilding slang, being a “freak” is actually a good thing. It is usually for people who have unreal muscle development, meaning they are HUGE.


The bodybuilding slang name for a guy’s chest. Basically, the word combines Chest and Testicles.

Forced reps

That’s a bodybuilding term that means pretty much as it sounds like. This term indicates the additional reps of an exercise when you’re feeling unable to do it anymore. Usually, it involves the help of a partner who helps you do those “forced reps” when you can’t do them anymore on your own.

Load It Up

Whenever you’re planning to go hard with your strength training, you should “load it up”. This basically means adding lots of weight to the bar. Basically – loading the bar with weights.


A very slow and steady lift that usually takes a lot of strength.

Dig Deep

I guess you’ve already been there (or will be if just starting to work out) when you search for strength to lift a heavy weight. Usually, your gym buddy shouts “dig deep”.

Scooby snack

One of many meals a bodybuilder eats throughout the day.

Toss your cookies

It can happen to anyone. No judgment. That means throwing up as a result of a super intense workout.


The abbreviated term for admiring. “Miring” is often used to describe those guys that take a selfie in the mirror post workout.

Sausage factory

When the gym is full of hench, burly guys who are lifting huge and heavy weights.

Glamor hound

There must be at least one of these in your gym too. They must be in every gym. A glamor hound is someone (can be a girl or a dude) who always has everyone’s attention in the gym.


A barbie always tries to be a glamor hound. A barbie is a woman who arrives at the gym with makeup fit for a date, without a single hair out of place. She usually doesn’t come to work out but rather spends more time chatting with others or on Instagram. Usually doesn’t work without a camera on her and you’ll never see her breaking a sweat.

Throw down

That’s just a fancy name for a workout.

Garage sale

A garage sale doesn’t mean that you can come into the gym attempting to sell your old lamp. Please don’t. The term “garage sale” in the gym refers to a messy gym floor that is full of random bits of equipment. Everyone hates that guy who drags out weights and doesn’t return them to their place, right? Please, don’t be that guy.


Men are competitive by nature. And we can especially notice that in the gym where most are highly competitive. The term “punked” refers to the guy who may talk a lot, but cannot back up his claims. Sure you’ve heard of those claiming they can bench 250 but they barely bench 200. Punked.

Pencil-neck geek

When it comes to bodybuilding slang, lots of them are used as jokey insults, usually, between fellow bodybuilders. This is bodybuilding slang for a guy who is skinny, often doing high reps with very light weights.


That’s not different from real life slang when someone is called a donkey. In short, that’s an ass. Usually, these dudes are looking for trouble out of anything and complain pretty much about everything. In short – a donkey.


Have you seen a guy who seems to bring his entire life with him to the gym? Well, he’s sandbagging. This is usually when a dude brings in a duffle bag of protein shakes, gloves, and a million of other gym accessories.

Junk show

This refers to a guy in some really tight shorts who has his junk on show for the entire gym to see. Whether it’s big or it’s small, nobody comes to the gym for the junk show. This isn’t pretty, so please stop it.

Bodybuilding Slang Conclusion

There are lots of other bodybuilding terms that you may hear too, it can be hard to keep up. Hopefully, this article will clear your mind and help you understand what something means the next time you hear bodybuilding slang in the gym.

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