Bulking Diet and Anabolic Part

Regardless if you’re using anabolic steroids or not, a bulking diet is something that you will need to learn as much as possible about as long as you want to get big and muscular. Bulking is actually a word that you can see everywhere as long as you’re in the fitness community. Whether you simply want to look good or you’re a fitness fanatic, a gym-goer would always hear of the bulking diet or a bulking strategy.

Bulking is the period when you “bulk up” meaning that you gain muscle mass. You have to know how to implement the right bulking diet (strategy or phase) to do it right. Mainly, common bulking ways are:

Dirty Bulking

I generally think of Dirty Bulking as “bulking like an idiot”. I am sorry if this offends someone but dirty bulking is never the right type of bulking as long as you want to look great and perform great. In my opinion, it is the “bad” type of bulking because it involves consuming as much amount of food as possible to ramp up calories. Usually, it involves junk food too, simply to increase the amount of calories as much as possible. People following this plan are forcing their bodies to build muscle, but they accept a huge amount of fat gain too. As long as you are OK with gaining lots of fat – it may be for you.

However, the problem is that this type of bulking is completely unnecessary and most of the time – it is unsuccessful. It may be successful only for those who are consuming large amounts of calories, but at least they are paying attention to what exactly they eat.

Clean Bulking

Now that’s the type of bulking that we’re going to talk about here. This is the right and proper way to bulk up. I often call it “bulking like a boss”. It involves the practice of eating a surplus of healthy-only foods in order to boost your calorie intake. While you are still likely to gain some fat, it is usually nothing too much and easy to lose. It involves eating in a controlled calorie surplus over your maintenance calories and, of course, eating clean.

This type of bulking is great for anyone who wants to gain muscle mass and become big and strong. It is especially great for those who have a hard time gaining muscle. So, bulking is great for everyone who wants to become big and strong, but it’s also helpful even for those who are naturally slim guys, including those who are “hard gainers”.


Now that you know more about the different bulking methods people tend to follow, we’re going to talk more about the bulking phase in general.

It’s also important to remember that regardless of whether or not you are using anabolic steroids, a bulking diet is what you need to gain muscle. Anabolic steroids can greatly speed up your process and they can help get over a plateau or get way bigger than you would ever be naturally. Nonetheless, they do not make you grow out of anything. Your muscles grow thanks to the foods you eat. So you need to pay attention to it. A bulking diet is still necessary, regardless if you use anabolic steroids, or you don’t.

Anabolism and Anabolic Part

So, steroids are very effective at helping you to gain muscle because the more anabolic you are, the less of a surplus you’re going to need to increase muscle mass. And as we all know, all steroids are great at providing the best anabolic environment. Nonetheless, what exactly does anabolic mean? You need to keep it simple and remember that “anabolic” means muscle growth while “catabolic” means muscle breakdown.

Nonetheless, anabolism is not only when you’re on anabolic steroids. They help boost the anabolic part, but they are definitely not a substitute for foods. Since anabolic steroids are… anabolic, it means that they build muscle. Nonetheless, our bodies are also producing anabolic and catabolic hormones and enzymes.

A good example of that is Testosterone, Growth Hormone, Insulin, and IGF-1 – these are all natural hormones that our bodies produce naturally, and they are all anabolic. By using exogenous testosterone (yes, it’s an anabolic steroid), you’re increasing the level of this hormone, thus increasing the anabolism in your body. That’s why anabolic steroids are helpful in gaining muscle and assist your bulking strategy.

Yet, as said, you can remain in an anabolic state without steroids, of course. For example, besides hormones, there are enzymes such as luke mTOR – this is indirectly anabolic because they are starting anabolic processes in your body. These enzymes work by increasing protein synthesis and this definitely boosts muscle mass.


People Who Gain Easily and Those Who Don’t

Well, we are all different as you know. Therefore, not everyone is producing the same level of endogenous (natural) anabolic hormones. It greatly depends on a lot of factors such as your genetics, health conditions, environmental factors, diet, lifestyle, and many other factors. And because of all of these, unfortunately, some people are gaining muscles much slower than other people. Some of us are able to naturally produce a lot of muscle by almost only looking at a dumbbell and having a mediocre diet. On the other hand, some people naturally have low levels of anabolic hormones so they are natural “hard gainers” even with a great diet and great workout plan. While they still have great results, their results are much slower and never the same as the results of people with naturally high levels of anabolic hormones.

People with naturally higher levels of anabolic hormones and androgen receptors will usually build way more muscle and will build way easier and way faster as well. These are the “easy gainers”. Nonetheless, those who are the opposite, with lower levels of natural anabolic hormones will be the “hard gainers”. That’s when anabolic steroids come in. By increasing the level of these hormones exogenously, those people greatly increase their muscle building potential.

But remember that there are also other factors affecting how much muscle you can build. Myostatin expression levels as well as the ratio of fast-twitch fibers will play a huge role here. For example, those with a lot of myostatin level and/or slow-twitch fibers will not have as much growth potential as those with fast twitch fibers. I’m just trying to be honest and I tell you that with lots of slow twitch fibers, you have no chance of becoming the next Mr. Olympia.

Catabolic Hormones

Now that you understand what anabolic means, the opposite of it is catabolic. While you may already have a good idea of what it means, I still think that you should have a better understanding of it. So, for example, some of the hormones that our bodies naturally produce are catabolic. They are the types of hormones that are going to break down muscle and tissue. They will also break down stored energy so your body can use it for fuel to continue working and functioning.

Some good examples of such hormones are glucagon, adrenaline, and cortisol. Therefore, most commonly, the more of these hormones your body naturally produces, the harder it is for you to add muscles. For a bodybuilder, it is great when they suppress these hormones.

Hormones and Diet

After all of this, I’m pretty sure you would love to understand what this all has to do with bulking. For example, one thing that you should understand is that food is not only energy. The foods that you eat, unsurprisingly, will impact a lot of things in your body, and that’s including the hormones and enzymes too. Being on a bulking diet means that you are in a calorie surplus. It is a diet that includes lots of carbs and proteins. If you’re on such a diet, you can expect:

  • Likely to increase testosterone levels
  • Likely to increase insulin levels
  • An increase in IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor 1)
  • Decrease in cortisol
  • Likely decrease glucagon
  • Decreased adrenaline levels
  • mTOR is likely to work at a significantly higher rate

This is part of the reason why people who are eating in caloric surplus usually have more energy levels and are stronger than those who are eating in calorie restricted diets.

Normal and Extreme Anabolic

In order for you to understand it all better, I am going to share here an example that would indicate how strong and effective the relationship between food and the anabolic part is. For example, those people who use anabolic steroids are able to burn fat while making huge gains. That’s something that you are highly unlikely to achieve when you are natural. Doing so means that they are able to build muscle despite the fact that they are “under eating” – having a calorie deficit diet.

But why someone who is not using anabolic steroids can’t do that? You may notice that lots of bodybuilders are able to build muscle despite the fact that they are still maintaining a huge calorie deficit. This allows them to burn a lot of fat while gaining muscle, thus allowing them to be muscular and have a body fat percentage of under 7%.

It doesn’t matter how genetically gifted you are and how great of a diet and workout plan you have – you are not going to be able to do that naturally. As I explained earlier, anabolic steroids and other Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) are going to take your anabolic biochemistry to a level that you can’t achieve naturally.

That’s why, anabolic steroids will greatly enhance your anabolism, thus allowing you to achieve goals that you will never be able to achieve naturally. This is something that you can call an “anabolic extreme”.

Should You Be Bulking?

As long as you plan to become stronger and/or bigger with more muscle – a bulking diet is likely what you’re searching for. A bulking diet is very important regardless if you’re on steroids or not, as long as you plan to become bigger. Although anabolic steroids can help you gain muscle when you’re in a calorie deficit as long as you eat and train right, the proper bulking diet is going to help you achieve way more and way faster muscle mass growth. So:

  • Those people who use anabolic steroids may be able to maintain and may even gain muscle even when they are eating in a large calorie deficit diet.
  • Bodybuilders and those who use steroids may build a good amount of muscle while in a moderate deficit.
  • If you’re genetically gifted, you could achieve gains at maintenance level calories without steroids. Adding steroids will greatly speed up the process and help you add more muscle than you could achieve naturally.
  • If you’re natural and have average genetics then you will need a good amount of surplus to build a small amount of muscle.
  • For the hard gainers, you would need a huge surplus to gain at least some muscle unless you’re resorting to anabolic steroids.

In short…

Those people who do not have the natural anabolic gift will need a huge amount of food in order for their bodies to be able to create muscle tissues. The problem here is that the more foods you eat – the more likely you are to add fat. A higher surplus leads to a higher amount of fat.

This is because insulin is an anabolic hormone to both muscle cells and fat. While it helps grow muscle, it assists in fat gain too. That’s the worst part for hard gainers. They are only able to gain some muscle mass with a big part of fat. While adding some fat amount during a bulking diet is normal for all people, hard gainers usually add way more. Moreover, hard gainers are those who are likely to lose muscle during a calorie deficit. Again, while being in calorie deficit it’s normal to lose some muscle for everyone, they are likely to lose more.

So, if you’re a hard gainer, I am really sorry. Your best bet is anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids, generally, are a good option for those who reached their natural potential, regardless of their body type, and want to get through the plateau.

That’s just the hard truth. It may sound harsh, but that’s reality. Similarly to if you’re 6’5”, you’re unlikely to be an NBA player, if you’re a natural hard gainer, you’re unlikely to be on the Mr. Olympia stage.

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