Yoked, Jacked, Shredded, Swole – Explaining It All

Yoked, Jacked, Shredded, Swole – these are all names that you might have heard in the gym or outside the gym. Usually, they are all used to describe a person who looks good, and full of muscles. But what do they mean? And most importantly – which one are you?

You may have heard someone calling a person jacked. But another one is ripped. What is the difference? I am going to try my best to shed light on this subject and guide you through this sometimes confusing gym lexicon.

Yet, before we begin, I should mention that language is subjective. It is important to understand that one person’s idea of a swole body type may be shredded to somebody else. Yet, a third person may think that the particular physique we’re talking about is nothing more than skinny fat. We’re all different, with different opinions and we look at things differently.

So, you should be aware of pretty much whatever you say. You are very likely to find people who disagree with you. For example, a person can be extremely muscular for a skinny guy. So that skinny guy may think that Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be extremely muscular (and it’s hard to argue over that). However, Phil Heath or Ronnie Coleman (who are some of the biggest bodybuilders of all time), may not agree with that. The point is – it depends on everyone’s opinion and point of view.

What Does Swole Mean?

To be swole is to be beefy as hell. You’re swollen. You have a big size to your frame. You may find yourself feeling swole after a particular punishing workout followed by a very large meal. When we talk about swole, we talk about cannonball muscles, a broad chest, and a neck like a bull. The problem with being swole is that you are going to have a nightmare finding jeans that will fit. That’s because they just never have the necessary give in the thighs. It can be a problem.

To better understand it, think of Tom Hardy in the Dark Knight Rises movie. Still, he’s not as swole as a powerlifter, for example.

Are You Shredded?

Shredded is pretty different from swole, for example. It does not mean that one is better than the other. It’s mostly about personal preference. Everyone has their own preference. Some like the swollen type of body, others love being shredded. The main prerequisite for being shredded is having a low body fat percentage. Usually, we’re talking about those walking around with less than 10% of body fat. Shredded guys pay less attention to muscle amount (but it’s still very important) than body fat amount. A swole guy usually pays more attention to the amount of muscle, rather than fat.

If you’re over 10% of body fat, it is very hard to provide a good muscle definition, so, it’s hard to be called shredded. So, if you want to be labeled as shredded, you will need to look as if you’ve just been sent through a vacuum packing machine on a conveyor belt. You just can’t be shredded without visible abs. To better understand it, think of Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

What Does Yoked Mean?

If you’re getting yoked, you’re actually getting very strong! You may not have mega muscle definition and there’s a chance that you may not even have visible abs. Hell, you may not even walk around carrying lots of visible muscles. Nonetheless, you can deadlift, for example, like there’s no tomorrow.

Usually, such people can work out with weights that you wouldn’t normally expect (remember Anatoliy? Yeah, that’s right!). Also, such people usually have very well developed traps and shoulders. Also, the neck of such yoked guys is the diameter of the average person’s thighs. There’s no question that you lift. Everyone can see that you’re very serious about the gym. It is natural to bodybuild when you’re yoked.


What Is A Meathead?

A meathead is usually the kind of guy who loves nothing more than just lifting heavy weights and guzzling protein to maximize his size. You will never see a meathead on a treadmill or doing cardio. All they care about is size. Also, usually, you can see them in the gym almost daily.

A meathead doesn’t care about body fat. All they care about is getting as huge as possible. They have bulging biceps and an X shaped physique. If you call a meathead a meathead, they’ll secretly love it.

What is A Gym Rat?

A gym rat is similar to a meathead in terms of loving nothing more than lifting weights and the gym. The difference, however, is that there are different “types” of gym rats. Some love to be meatheads, others may be shredded, yoked, or swollen. Generally, a gym rat is someone who spends all their free time in the gym. Usually, they are already in the gym when you come, you’ll finish your workout and they’re still there. Needless to mention they are in the gym almost daily.

They are just impossible to miss. They’re always next to iron. Be it morning, noon, or night. Sometimes, all three are on the same day. Most of them are with backward-facing baseball caps. In order to spend even more time in the gym they’ll be trainers in that gym. Not because they need money, but because they need to be near iron. LOL.

What Is A Gorilla?

The term “gorilla” was first used in the TV show Jersey Shore by Snooki. It describes a particular type of body. Typically the one that has been sculpted by focusing entirely on the upper body and ignoring the legs. You can generally find at least one gorilla in every gym. But usually, there’s more of them.

A gorilla will only train the show muscles and they will always ignore those that do not impress their friends including legs. Better not be a gorilla. Train all body parts equally.

What Is A Bro-Lifter?

This is not a gym bro. It is actually a name that you wouldn’t want to be called. A bro lifter is similar to a gorilla. They only lift for aesthetics alone and body parts that are visible, usually to impress girls. They will only train arms, abs, and chest. You’ll usually see them doing curls during their every workout session.

What Is A Beef-Cake?

A beef-cake is not a very common term nowadays as it was more common in the 1950s. Still, a beef cake is a guy who is muscular enough but with a healthy amount of body fat alongside it. Beef-cake is usually a person who is a meathead too, but it’s a “sweeter” word.

What Does Skinny Fat Mean?

This is perhaps the worst term when it comes to physique and performance enhancement. Skinny fat people usually have low muscle mass and lots of fat. Or at least, the muscle mass is so low that even the smallest amount of fat they have on them looks disproportionately large. Usually, a fat person is just fat but does have muscles underneath that fat. Skinny fat doesn’t have any muscle but they have fat. That’s what makes them have a disproportionate physique.

Usually, they have a good amount of fat around their stomach, however, they come with very thin arms, a flat chest, and a narrow back. Skinny fat people usually never diet and never go to the gym. A skinny fat is not anything that any self-respecting gym goer would ever want to hear referring to their own physique. Calling a gym goer skinny fat is an insult.

Swole, Shredded, or Skinny Fat? Conclusion

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