Trying to Lose Weight? Reduce Hunger

You’re having success in cutting fat and maintaining muscle, but there’s a never-ending problem – hunger. How can you reduce hunger when you’re trying to lose weight? This is a pretty common question among people in cutting cycles attempting to lose weight and burn fat.

First off, without any doubts, you need to master the best way to diet, opting for healthy food swaps, and eating in calorie deficit. Then you need to nail your workouts. After you’re done it all, you’re now left with a grumble in your stomach, and learning how to reduce hunger will definitely help. Especially when it comes to keeping you on track. In a weight loss and cutting cycle, the temptation of eating a large pizza all by yourself seems to get stronger and stronger by the day.

First, it is important to understand that a sudden decrease in daily calorie intake, especially accompanied by food choice differences, is likely to lead to an increase in hunger. Especially when doing it for the first time. Here we’re going to share ways to reduce hunger.

Ways To Reduce Hunger

First, you should know that there are compounds that can help reduce your hunger, such as Semaglutide (Ozempic / Wegovy). This is a popular compound for weight loss and cutting cycles as it helps reduce the stomach emptying process, keeping you fuller for longer.

There are also other appetite suppressants out there. Moreover, there are other weight loss compounds such as Clenbuterol and others, but they do not reduce your hunger, they help you burn fat in other ways. Anyway, one of the most popular appetite suppressants currently on the market is Semaglutide, helping you to reduce hunger efficiency. But there are various ways to help you be less hungry and eat less.


So, here’s how you’re suppressing your hunger during a cut:

Eat more protein

Eating more protein is the first and most important thing you should do in order to feel full. Those who are not getting enough protein in their diet shouldn’t be surprised that they are finding it hard to feel full. Protein is extremely helpful at increasing the feelings of fullness and makes your stomach “satisfied” for longer. This means that you are likely going to eat less, and you will not eat for longer, helping you to stay on track. Protein is extremely important in supporting your cutting goals. It prevents muscle loss and supports your weight loss as protein is least likely to be stored as fat in your body.

Get lots of fiber

Another extremely important element that shouldn’t be lacking in your diet as long as you plan to reduce hunger is fiber. Eating more fiber is going to help you eat less. A diet rich in fiber is also usually accompanied by other crucial nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. So, you’re feeling fuller, and your body gets everything it needs to support your health, muscle growth, and fat burning process. Fiber will slow down the rate of stomach emptying and make it fuller for longer (literally). You wouldn’t want to eat soon after your last meal. Studies prove that fiber-rich foods increase your feelings of fullness by around 30%! This means 30% less calories and 30% less fat!

EAT your calories

What I’m trying to say is that you should actually eat your calories, not drink them. The way you consume your calories will have an effect on how hungry you’re feeling. During a bulking plan when you try to get in as many calories as possible then drinking calories can be a great idea. But studies suggest that those who actually “eat a solid snack” will be less likely to eat as much at their next meal compared to those who are “drinking a liquid snack”. That’s because the time you spend chewing will allow the brain to reach more signals of fullness. Research suggests that there’s a connection between taste buds and a feeling of fullness.

Drink a coffee

Coffee is a popular drink that helps you boost your energy levels. That’s why many people drink it in the morning and/or before their training session. However, coffee does also have appetite suppressant effects. Research indicates that it will increase the release of a hormone that usually responds to eating, promoting feelings of fullness. This way, a cup of coffee could help you reduce hunger. That’s besides its fat burning abilities and increasing metabolic rate. However, you shouldn’t add any sugar or you’ll get the opposite effect!

Drink lots of water

Do you know that your body may send you signals that you’re hungry whereas you’re actually thirsty? We can’t always distinguish the feelings, so we may mistakenly think that we’re very hungry when our body is searching for hydration. Of course, in most cases, you would love to eat too, but by drinking water you’re likely to eat way less. Research suggests that by drinking water before a meal you’re likely to eat around 22% less than those who do not drink any water at all. That’s why, if you want to go for a snack, you better drink some water first. Generally, make it a habit to drink as much as possible. You’re going to reduce hunger and you will be healthier too.

Focus on your food

The feeling of fullness is sent by our brain. The brain and stomach are “talking”. But if you distract the brain, your stomach can’t really talk to eat, so you’re likely to get delayed feelings of fullness. Eating when distracted or eating fast makes it harder for the brain to send those signals. You should practice mindful eating, focusing on your foods, and really soaking up the experience and taste of the foods you are eating. This is why you’re eating way more when you’re focused on the TV. Avoid any distractions when eating. You should look and have all your focus on the foods while eating slowly. In short – practice mindful eating! Studies suggest that it will lead to a drop in hunger hormone levels, making you less hungry.

Appetite-suppressant food options

There are some food options that may decrease your appetite. They could reduce hunger, and curb sweet cravings, and others. Some of them include dark chocolate (which helps slow digestion), ginger (which reduces hunger after a meal), and spice (which affects the feelings of fullness).

Brain tricks

As said, your stomach and your brain are constantly talking. Your brain is the one that “signals” you to eat more or less. You could use some brain tricks in order to reduce the amount of food you eat. For example, you could use smaller plates. When eating off a large plate, your brain naturally “thinks” the portion is small. Eating a tiny portion makes you feel “unsatisfied”. Also, you could get a bigger fork as you’re going to eat less. Research suggests that people eating with bigger forks are eating 10% less than those using smaller forks. But it is the other way around for your spoon. Use smaller spoons to eat less.

Exercise more

If you can’t figure out how to lose weight and reduce hunger – go exercise. You know that exercising is crucial to burn fat and lose weight, but you may not know that exercising can suppress your appetite. If you’ve ever been hungry and gone to the gym, you may have noticed that your hunger disappears when working out. So, don’t go hard in the kitchen, go hard in the gym.

Get lots of rest

Studies suggest that people who are low on rest increase their appetite and hunger by about 25%. When you’re sleep deprived, you will be more likely to feel fatigued, and your cravings for bad food options increase. So, lack of rest may make you feel hungrier than you really are. Want to reduce weight and burn fat? Get enough rest.

Minimize stress

Stress has been linked with easier fat gains, and harder fat burning. People living in constant stress are more likely to overeat. People could start eating when feeling stressed. Moreover, when under stress, the body increases cortisol levels – which increases food cravings (bad choices) and desire to eat. Minimize your stress in order to minimize your hunger.

Avoid any sugary options

Whether we’re talking about drinks or foods – avoid anything that contains sugar or its alternatives. Sugar is the one that spikes your insulin more than anything else. Insulin will increase your hunger feeling. If you plan to reduce hunger, you need to learn how to reduce insulin. Avoiding foods and drinks containing sugar, limiting carbohydrates, and working out are some of the most important ways in which you reduce insulin and, therefore, reduce hunger.

Limit your food options

Another “brain trick” is to avoid “seeing food”. The more you see it, the more tempted you are to eat it. Stash candies/cookies or whatever else you can’t have. Replace the foods you see with healthy food choices instead. But sometimes, “stashing” is not enough because you still know where they are and you may still get tempted. What can you do? Don’t bring them home altogether. Narrow your food choices when grocery shopping. Do not buy anything you can’t have, you will be less likely to crave them when they are not in your house.

Remember your mission and reduce hunger!

It is important to understand that the first weeks are the hardest. Similar to any other type of diet. When you’re at the start of your cutting cycle and it feels like the hunger takes over – you’ve got to keep on pushing. Do not give up too soon. The body needs time to adapt to the new calorie intake and food choices. You need to give that chance to adapt. You can do it by keeping your mind occupied with a habit, working out, and so on. Remembering your mission could really help. Keep your eyes on the prize and this will make you feel motivated.

It may feel difficult at first, but you will deal with it without any issues. Add lots of protein to your diet, avoid any sugar, and get more exercise. This alone will help a lot reduce your hunger, leading to weight loss and fat burning.

However, we understand that sometimes, you may need a helping hand. is here to provide that help. We offer lots of information that could help, and we also offer you the necessary products to achieve that. You can find Semaglutide which helps reduce hunger, but there are lots of other cutting products too. They could help cut through fat and protect your lean muscle mass. We offer all those compounds of the best possible quality from the best manufacturers online. Moreover, we try to provide the best prices, among numerous other benefits that you can take advantage of when doing business with us.


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