Breaking A Weight Loss Plateau When Cutting

When you’re following a diet plan and/or going through a cutting cycle, you may often find yourself at a point when weight loss simply doesn’t happen anymore. It can feel like regardless of what you do, you just can’t figure out how to break through the weight loss plateau. However, you’re now reading this, so it’s sure to change soon.

I know that you probably feel as if you’re doing everything right. You eat well, hit the gym hard and often, and follow the right workout plan. What else can you do to break through the cutting plateau?

To be totally honest, we do not have a magic wand or the magic product that will get you there. However, an understanding of the human body and metabolism will surely set you on the right path to get you to your fitness goals.

  • For example, it is an art to master your cutting cycle, the combination of energy in and energy out. But there’s more to it. For example, not doing it the right way, you’ll find that your cardio only burns carbs, not fat. Or you may find that you burn lean muscle tissue, then again, not fat. That’s why you should know how to do it right.

Although there’s no magic pill, there are products that can greatly help you.

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Anyway, check more valuable info regarding how you could break a weight loss plateau when cutting below.

What’s a cutting plateau?

Hitting a cutting plateau means that you do not experience any further benefits for at least the last 2 weeks. It feels as if you’ve hit a wall and you cannot lose any weight anymore, despite trying and having everything on point. Of course, you can’t expect any results as long as you’re not dieting or working out correctly.

The natural weight can naturally fluctuate slightly across days or weeks due to various factors. But if you’re purposely trying to lose weight and doing everything it takes, and yet no further results – you’ve hit a cutting plateau.

However, it is actually normal to reach this point. Many experienced bodybuilders actually expect this to occur. So, it doesn’t really matter how much effort you’re putting in, it’s actually fairly normal to get stuck in a plateau every once in a while.

Of course, this usually happens the longer you’re into your cut and the more you lose (getting more and more leaner). That’s why usually people with an already low body fat percentage find it very tricky to go any further.

How To Break Through A Weight Loss Plateau?

The first thing you should do is start measuring and recording calories accurately. Beginners to cutting cycles can easily make mistakes when counting their calorie intake. Or may think that “cheating” every now and then has nothing to do with it. But it could be shocking to find out how much those calories have to do with all of it. Only after fixing these errors, you may start losing weight once again.

What should you do?

  • Eat less
  • Get more moving

It’s a perfect combination that’ll never fail to work. Yet, if you’re already struggling to reduce calorie intake, then you shouldn’t go for the first option of eating less. Just add the second – get more moving. Remember that too much calorie restriction can be dangerous. Both for your muscles and your health! But moving more will always help. How much? Unfortunately, there’s no scientific answer. Just try to exercise more intensively and/or longer and/or more frequently. May add more low intensity longer cardio sessions, for example. Or 2 circuit HIIT training sessions a week. 4-5 hours of weightlifting weekly. Such a combo will surely help break through your weight loss plateau.

In The End

I do not recommend going crazy when it comes to breaking through plateaus. Going to extremities will likely endanger your health, which ultimately endangers your muscles and fitness condition. Keep in mind that water retention and/or bowel movements also affect fat loss. That’s why some people don’t see much weight loss for 2-3 weeks, then suddenly start shoveling several pounds almost overnight. Not only that but naturally, our body and metabolism adapt to our regimen, which will slow down the progress. So, you should aim to cut your daily calorie intake every 2 weeks according to your current state and needs. It’s very important not to go ridiculously strict. I recommend thinking gradually, not drastically.

So, before you make any drastic changes, be sure to follow the following:

  • Make sure that you really are in a cutting plateau.
  • Ensure that you’re doing anything correctly and still hit a plateau.
  • Make sure you are accurately measuring and recording what you’re eating.
  • Max out your exercise. 4-5 hours of weightlifting and 2 hours of cardio at least.
  • Cut your calorie intake by about 100 calories every 2 weeks. Mainly cut it from carbs and maybe slightly from fat. Never from protein.

In the end, assuming nothing else works, you could actually increase the calories back to your total daily energy expenditure (maintenance calories). Stay on it for 4-6 or max 8 weeks to allow your body to normalize. Then start your cutting again. Lastly – remember, with all of these examples, and especially with the right anabolic steroids – you’re sure to break through the cutting plateau.

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