What Should You Eat To Bulk Up

If you’re attempting to build some muscle, you may already know that strength training is only half of the work as you also need to eat to bulk up. You may know that you need to eat in surplus to bulk, but to gain good quality muscle, you will need good quality foods. Bulking up involves consuming more calories than you burn, that’s why you eat a lot. It also involves lots of strength training, to cause the micro tears in muscle fibers, which makes them grow bigger and stronger.

But “simply eat to bulk up” is not enough. You will need to consume quality foods. For example, a lot of the calories (foods) that you eat should come from protein. This means you should eat lots of protein-rich foods. The logic behind it is very simple – our muscles are 80% made of protein. If you expect them to grow, you’ll need to eat lots of protein. But you’ll also need complex carbs to keep the muscles fueled with energy to keep on pushing in the gym, and you’ll need healthy fats for energy, keep you healthy, proper hormonal balance, and so on. Generally, a healthy macronutrients balance.

That’s why, yes, a larger food intake of quality foods may have an impact on your bank balance. Especially when you pair it with a gym membership and numerous other expenses. Such as anabolic steroids that help you bulk up extremely efficiently and fast. However, that’s all worth it.

Anyway, here I’m going to share 10 foods that you can eat to bulk up. It’s obvious that you can eat many more (while avoiding junk, and processed foods) and you can have a bigger variety. But these are the foods to eat to bulk up efficiently!

Foods To Eat To Bulk Up


A single egg contains anywhere between 5 to 6 grams of protein and fat. Eggs are excellent muscle building thanks to their extremely high nutritional values. They provide the proteins and amino acids necessary to see muscle growth. That’s why you always see bodybuilders eating eggs – they are extremely efficient. Fried eggs, omelet, boiled eggs, frittata, or poached egg – you name it. They are all going to help you bulk up.


Wondering what to eat to bulk up? Oats! They are an excellent source of quality carbohydrates. Pizza also offers carbs, but not the quality of oats. That’s why you should put down that greasy pizza and eat these complex quality carbs from oats. Just a single cup of oats contains almost 50 grams of quality carbohydrates and 6 grams of fiber – another extremely important nutrient for your muscle building process. Moreover, oats are very low cost, and convenient to prepare and eat. There’s a wide variety of oats foods you can try, and they can be easy foods to take on the go.

Olive oil

While olive oil is more expensive than other oil types, it is worth it due to its awesome nutritional benefits. Olive oil contains mono and polyunsaturated fats – the ones you need to eat to bulk up. If you’re searching for ways that will give you a calorie intake boost – you can add it nearly anywhere, even in your protein shakes. The next time you’re cooking eggs, meats, potatoes, or salads, switch to olive oil instead of others.

Chicken breast

Yes, that’s right. You were expecting it and we shared it. Chicken breast is the most protein-rich foodstuff, so if you really plan to get those muscles pumped, make sure you eat lots of chicken breast. If you’ve heard some pro bodybuilders’ stories, you may already know that they are purchasing chicken breasts in industrial quantities. That’s why they have muscles in industrial quantities.


Yep, another food that you most likely expected that cannot miss our list. Rice is a complex carbohydrate. During bulking, you can go for both white and brown rice, but be careful of it, especially the white one as it can easily add too many calories (that’s why white rice is rarely a good option for those who are cutting). Yet, it can be great for bulking.


You’ve seen bodybuilders eating chicken breast, rice, and broccoli right? Because this combination provides you with almost anything you need in terms of nutrients. Broccoli is extremely valuable in terms of necessary micronutrients. It may not offer many calories (that’s why it’s most popular in cutting), but you may still need to eat broccoli at least every once in a while to bulk up.

Ground beef

It’s not exactly that nice juicy steak, but it can provide you with a lot of protein (6-7 grams per raw ounce) and fat content depending on the leanness you get. It is not as expensive and it is highly efficient to bulk up you. However, make sure you don’t eat it too often as it can cause health issues. Moreover, avoid the high-fat chunks. Dry the beef with paper towels to avoid the “too high” fat content.


If you still wonder what to eat to bulk up then you definitely need to get salmon. Unfortunately, it may be more expensive than other foods I’ve mentioned so far, but it is extremely efficient at growing muscles. It has a high fat content, and high protein amount in combination with a perfect amount of omega-3 and lots of micronutrients. Such as phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and potassium – all essential for growing muscle mass!


Dairy products are great at muscle building. Moreover, they are extremely delicious. And they can be cheap too. Whole milk is an extremely beneficial weight gaining food for bodybuilders, having lots of protein and fat. Are you a skinny dude? Add milk to your regimen and you’ll grow!


When you want to build muscle without spending too much money – go for potatoes. Avoid the low fat diets when you struggle to eat more or are not in the best financial situation. Potatoes will fix both of these issues. They are providing a significant amount of carbs and they are some of the cheapest foods out there.


Yes, tuna is not the cheapest food to buy, but it is among the best for weight and muscle building. A can of tuna can provide 25 grams of lean protein, so it is highly cost efficient if you think about it. If you are wondering how to get even more calories, get tuna in oil. If you’re getting too many calories and/or too much fat content – get tuna in water.


Bananas are not only cheap and super tasty, but they are extremely nutritional too. They provide quality carbs, and lots of micronutrients, and do not break the bank. Add bananas to bulk up after or before a workout to get carbs after or before your workout. Easy “to go” food too. You can combine it with whey protein, peanut butter, add in a fruit salad, or numerous others.


Berries do not provide lots of protein, but they provide lots of micronutrients that your muscles need to grow. Whatever berry you love – go for it. But better to have a variety of them.

Peanut butter

Lots of fitness gurus are recommending peanut butter. That’s because it is actually that helpful for growing muscles! Peanut butter is usually cheap, but super tasty, and easy to eat, with a huge amount of calories and fat and protein content. Just two tablespoons will provide 6 grams of protein and 16 grams of monounsaturated fats! Blend it, eat it, top it, or pour it – whatever will work.

Whey protein

This is not exactly a food to eat to bulk up, but it is still highly efficient at bulking up. Whey protein is among the best investments you can make, simply because it contains 80-90 grams of protein per 100g content, the highest “foodstuffs” out there. It’s not the cheapest to buy, but it is the cheapest cost per gram of protein!

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Working out, resting, and eating enough quality foods are crucial to bulk up and see the muscle grow! If you eat poor-quality foods, you are very likely to be disappointed. But as long as you eat the muscle-building foods above, you are well on your way to packing lots of quality gains.

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