Best Leg Workout with Barbells

Check here the best leg workout exercises to build bigger and stronger legs! First off – never skip leg day! It has been said millions of times across the gyms across the world and that’s for good reason. Lots of people (especially guys) tend to skip leg days. But that’s a huge mistake. Men tend to skip leg days because training legs usually involves more pain and/or because most men want a huge upper body. But let’s face it – nobody loves a man with a huge upper body (chest and arms) with skinny legs. Those chicken legs never look good. In fact, strong legs and a lower body are a solid foundation for any physique.

Bigger and stronger legs won’t only look awesome, but they will help you with everyday tasks too. They are greatly helping your performance in the gym, and are helping with daily activities such as climbing stairs, running after the kids, getting groceries home, and numerous others. So, as long as you want to look better, feel better, and perform better, make sure you go for the best leg workout. And to build stronger and bigger legs, you can get help with some barbell exercises.

Lots of people (especially newbies) avoid a barbell. We understand why – they may look intimidating. However, it is important to know that barbells are actually an excellent tool for full body strength. Anyone could do them in order to gain strength and muscle. The bar alone could be an awesome way to improve balance and coordination. Check below some of the best barbell exercises that help you build awesome lower-body strength and muscle! Make sure to include at least some of them for the best leg workout to build bigger and stronger legs.

Back squat

This is one of the most common and popular exercises to build leg muscle. Ask a pro regarding exercises for the best leg workout and back squat is going to be on the list. You start by placing the bar behind your head, sitting on your trapezius (muscles at the top of the shoulders), and engaging your core. Tightly grip the bar and bring your elbows down and towards your body. Place your feet hip-width apart, with toes slightly turned out. Now what you want to do is to press evenly through your feet, sitting back into your hips and down. Go down until your thighs are parallel to the ground (ideally). Engage your core and push through your feet to stand up. Don’t swing or bring the weight in front of you.

Barbell front squat

The barbell front squat is similar to the back squat, but it is usually for more advanced lifters. It is similar in terms of alignment to back squat, but as its name suggests, the barbell is in front of you this time. The hands could be in two positions – either shoulder-width apart under the bar or crossed over the bar. Must keep your elbows up to ensure a stable shelf for the barbell. Similar to the back squat, engage your core and push evenly through your feet, thrust your hips back and down, allowing the knees to follow the foot’s midline. Keep feet hip-width apart and get down until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Push back up to the starting position without swinging.

Single-leg Romanian barbell deadlift

Of course, this is an exercise that you should perform only after having some lifting experience first. You start by setting up as you would for a stiff-leg deadlift. Have your feet hip-width apart and the barbell directly over the center of your feet. Set down the working leg and get the supporting leg back. Push the hips back, grab the bar with hands shoulder-width apart, and as you engage your core, pull your shoulders down almost as if you’re holding something in your armpit. You’ll need to keep the barbell patch close to the front leg as you raise it. When you reach the top, lock in a slight posterior pelvic tilt. Then, you push your hips back as you go back down. Go down until you get to the knee. Repeat the same for the other leg.

Sumo barbell deadlift

A sumo barbell deadlift is called this way because your position is similar to those in sumo sports. You get into a very wide stance with your toes pointed out. This position is going to allow for your arms and elbows to stay inside your legs, with your shins almost perpendicular to the floor. By having straight arms, grip the bar so it would slightly rest against your upper thighs. What you need to do is to pull your shoulders back and down, as if you’re pulling them apart. You must engage your core with your legs as you lower the barbell and push your hips back. Similar to other deadlifts, be sure that you keep the barbell path as tight to the legs as possible.

Barbell split squat

You start the barbell split squat by placing the barbell across your back (on trap muscles) as you would in a back squat. Again, engage your core, drawing elbows down and in. Many suggest that it helps you keep your gaze forward and focused on one spot. From this position, you take a step back with one leg, by keeping your shoulders and hips from tipping forward. Next, drop your back knee as close to the floor and press through your feet to return to the starting position. Switch to the other leg when you complete all reps for one set.

Barbell hip thrust

For this exercise, you’re going to need a low bench (around 16 inches or even shorter). You start doing it by sitting with your back on the bench and your shoulder blades sitting flush on the top of the bench. Rest the barbell across your hips. You may find it more comfortable with a barbell pad or towel under the bar. Especially when aiming for heavier weights. Your feet should be hip-width apart, plated on the floor. As you press into your feet, lift your hips off the ground. At this point, the shoulders are on the bench, and your hips lifted off the ground are creating a bridge position. Once you’re reaching the top of the bridge position, be sure that your chin is still tucked in. Control the form as you lower down.

Best Leg Workout (with a Barbell) Conclusion

These are some of the best exercises you can do with the help of a barbell in order to grow bigger and stronger legs. However, keep in mind that these are just some examples as there are numerous other examples. Not only that, there are numerous other exercises you can (and should) try to grow bigger and stronger legs.

Nonetheless, one sure thing is – do not ever try to find an excuse for skipping leg day! That would be a huge mistake as long as you’re serious about your gains and physique.

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