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Regardless if you’re new to bodybuilding, or you’re aiming to make big gains in the gym for a while now, we know that it can be a long journey to achieve your target, and that’s why we will provide various tips for faster results. If you want to push your bodybuilding goals harder than ever before, or if you want to get started the right way, you need proper tips to do that. Especially considering that there’s so much information out there. The problem is that not all of that information is actually helpful. In fact, there are tips online that may even hinder your gains.

While we tend to believe a fitness influencer on Instagram, that’s not always true. In order to go the right way, you need to go for those tips that are backed up by science. For example, you could hear of an influencer suggesting that you need to push your cardio to get gains. But no studies suggest that.

So, what should you do to yield the results that you’re dreaming about? We’re here to share the top bodybuilding tops to help you yield the results that you want and do it fast.

Why Don’t You Gain Muscle?

Before we share the top tips for getting faster results, let’s analyze what could be the reason that you do not yield any gains, or simply do it too slowly. There are three main triggers that will help you increase your muscle mass. If you are not achieving them, you simply won’t see any results.

These three include:

  • Mechanical tension. Muscles need to break through resistance in order to grow. No resistance means they won’t break, which means they won’t grow. The harder you work and contract your muscles, the higher the mechanical tension. This will lead to a bigger growth stimulus. This is the reason why you need to work those muscles in the first place, and it also explains why you need to increase your weight. The research suggests that mechanical tension will disturb the integrity of a muscle. It acts as a catalyst for a whole range of changes that are going to increase muscle size, strength, and power. So, the heavier you lift with a good form, the more tension you are going to create. This leads to higher gains.
  • Muscle damage. We’re not talking about actually damaging your muscles or leading to injuries. We’re talking about micro traumas to your muscle and connective tissue that occurs during resistance training. This starts the regenerative process, which stimulates the production of new muscle cells. The eccentric movements (when you lower weights during a bicep curl, for example), lengthen the muscle under tension. This is where you produce great micro trauma. More than the concentric movement (the actual lifting part, of a bicep curl, for example). That’s why you need to perform the eccentric movement slower.
  • Metabolic stress. I guess you know the deep burn that you feel in your muscles on the final round of squats, for example. That is due to metabolic stress. This is the build-up of waste products from anaerobic energy production. Research indicates that it is a powerful starter for muscle growth if you are maximizing metabolic stress.

Bodybuilding Tips For Faster Results

So, in order to make real gains, you need to focus on mechanical tension (heavier weights), muscle damage (eccentric and concentric movements), and metabolic stress (deep burn). Now that you know this, we can share the top tips to help you to maximize muscle growth. Regardless if you’re a beginner looking to get faster results or a seasoned bodybuilder looking to break through plateaus, these bodybuilding tips will greatly help you boost your gains.

Do More Than Just One Set

While it may sound obvious, you need to do more than just one set. I tell you this because it seems that doing a single set where you go all out has become a pretty popular strategy in the bodybuilding world due to its timesaving advantage. Moreover, it does seem to be effective for building muscle too. Why complain then? Well, research indicates that performing just one set per exercise will not yield the same results as when you are doing three to five sets. The research compared lifters doing one set and those doing 3 to 5 sets. It showed that those doing more sets get bigger gains.

Challenger Your Muscles

This is another tip that may sound obvious to some, however, it is still important to mention. But even the best of us can fall into a habit that becomes unproductive, so it is time to change, despite the fact that it may be hard and… challenging. Some people are following the same workouts, keep using the same weights, with the same reps, and the same routines. This will definitely lead to a growth stoppage. That is why progressive overloading is so important. That is when you actually increase the challenge to your muscles, which leads to actual muscle growth. There are numerous overloading methods. Lifting more weight is just one approach. But there are others as well such as:

  • Do more reps
  • Lift slower (or faster)
  • Reduce your rest period in between sets
  • Choose a more challenging variation of an exercise (instead of the classic push up, go for a decline push up, for example)

The point of “challenging” your muscles is not to allow them to fully adapt to the workout routine. If you want new gains, you need to go for new movements/weights/exercises. So, you just need to push yourself a bit harder than you did on your last workout. It may not seem much in each workout, but these little things add up over time, increasing your muscle mass.

Change Your Rest Periods

Lifters are usually aiming to leave about 30 to 60 seconds of rest period between sets. The problem of the 21st century is that people tend to have too much screen time in their gym, and their rest between sets can be as much as 5 minutes or even more. That’s a huge mistake. You need to shorten the rest periods, which will lead to more muscle growth stimulus.

On the other hand, those people who are lifting for a while and are always resting for 30 to 60 seconds between sets, could switch to more extended rest periods, of 2 or even up to 3 minutes between sets. Studies suggest that this could be highly effective at promoting strength and muscle growth gains. Longer rests lead to higher gains, especially between sets of isolation exercises such as curls and compound moves like pull ups. In the end, the amount of rest you should have greatly depends on your goals and the exercises you perform. Both longer and shorter rest periods have their palace.

For example, shorter periods are better for muscular endurance and fat loss. Longer rest periods allow you to perform more reps, leading to significant gains over time. You can have longer rest periods without dragging out your workout by doing supersets. These involve two different exercises that target two different muscle groups. Such as squats and bicep curls. Or bench press and bent-over row.

Aim for 30 seconds up to 3 minutes rest in between sets, depending on various factors. Switch to the rest period that works best for you.

Lift Beyond the “Hypertrophy Rep Range”

The research indicates that the bodybuilders are gaining muscle when staying in the hypertrophy rep range. That is 8 to 12 reps per set. However, the research suggests there is a difference in muscle growth between those who work in the hypertrophy range and those who work in the endurance range – those who lift lighter weights for 20 to 25 reps per set.

What should you do? Go for both to take the best of both worlds. Optimize your workouts and this will keep you making gains. Include a variety of adaptations in your strength train, involving a variety of rep ranges in your training. The most important is to train to the point of volitional failure – the point where you cannot perform another rep with a good form. This is where you see most gains in both size and strength.

Work Out What Works For You

While there is a fair bit of research out there, studies can only identify the training techniques, exercises, strategies, etc. that are working for the majority of lifters. Studies do not focus on individualism or flexibility in them. Nevertheless, studies do prove that everyone is different, and everyone has their own recipe for success. What you should do is find out what works best for you. Do not go for those exercises or techniques that are just comfortable for you, aim to go for those that are actually helpful.

Include Split and Full Body Workouts In Your Training

A long time debate in the bodybuilding circles goes on – full body workouts vs split workouts. Some suggest that full body exercises build more muscles as you work out muscles more frequently. Others, however, suggest that if you focus on just one or two body parts in each weekly training, you are going to maximize the gains by working a muscle group extra hard and then allowing it to rest and recover.

What should you do? Both! This is going to help you yield the best of both worlds. So, include both types of workouts in your training and then alternate between the two approaches. You could switch between full body workouts and then split training workouts.

Don’t Lift Until You Can’t Anymore

Very often, lifters are pushing themselves to train so hard that they cannot lift anymore. Not only is this unnecessary and unproven to provide any gains at all, but it also can be dangerous. You are risking injuries that can greatly hinder your gains. Moreover, you risk overtraining, requiring too much time to recover. It is much better to keep a strategy that helps you gain, which means that you should lift to volatile failure, but not until you can’t walk anymore during your legs day, or can’t lift your arms during arms day.

Support Your Training With The Proper Nutrition/Lifestyle/Compound

It is pretty obvious that training and getting into the right workout regimen is an extremely important part when it comes to making gains and getting faster results. However, you should not forget that this is just one part of an entire complexity when it comes to gains and especially faster results. Nutrition is another extremely important part that you should pay attention to. Via the right nutrition, you make sure to provide the muscles and body with everything they need in order to repair, and grow, as well as fuel the muscles with the energy they need for working out.

Not only that, but you need to ensure your body gets enough sleep, and generally you have a proper lifestyle such as reducing stress, tobacco, or alcohol. Moreover, you can also support your gains with the right supplements and compounds. A proper diet will offer the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients (micro and macro).

When you really want to get big gym results and yield them fast, you need to make sure that you keep your Testosterone levels high. This is an extremely important hormone for getting lean, shedding fat, and enhancing overall performance in the gym. In the end, make sure that what you do outside the gym, is just as important as what you do during your workouts.

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In The End…

Follow these bodybuilding tips for faster results, get the right products to achieve your goals, and pay attention to what you’re doing outside the gym. You’re sure to smash your bodybuilding goals in no time with our top tips.

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