Are You An Exercise Non-Responder? Read This!

Do you think you’re an exercise non-responder? This article is perfect for you! However, before you would classify yourself (or anyone else), as an “exercise non-responder”, it is important to ensure that you’re pumping iron and sweating it out in the gym for months without any (or almost no) results. These are people who are putting in the work and have been consistent for a while but have not seen any results in gains.

It has been proven by science (for years now) that not everyone reaps the same rewards from exercise. In other words, some people must work twice as hard to get half of the results of someone else. Yes, that’s unfair, but unfortunately, that’s the truth. If you find yourself to be among these unlucky people, there are anabolic steroids that can somewhat balance it out. That’s why lots of people use anabolic steroids – their genetics simply do not allow them to reap the same rewards from exercise.

  • But with the addition of steroids, you can change this.

The problem is that those genetic freaks could also use the anabolic steroids and become… mass monsters. Such as Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath, and others. Something that, unfortunately, people that can be defined as “exercise non-responders” will never achieve.

Still, if it sounds like you’re an “exercise non-responder” it may be hard to achieve something that is far from a “mass monster” and that’s just not fair. That’s why anabolic steroids can become so helpful. At you can get all the help. Information about cycles, diets, workouts, anabolic steroids, how to use them, and so on. You can also buy the best quality steroids for sale on the market. You won’t need to worry about quality and save money.


What is an “exercise non-responder”?

There’s no scientific definition of what exactly makes an exercise non-responder. However, as you can guess, that’s someone who experiences little or no benefit from exercise. Yet, we can consider someone an exercise non-responder as long as that person does train hard and regularly, with a proper diet and overall lifestyle, nevertheless, they still do not see any benefits. Regardless if we’re talking about building muscle, getting stronger, losing fat, improving endurance, enhancing health benefits, and so on. These people are getting fewer benefits in these areas than other people. Despite the fact that they are working hard for it, both in the gym and in the kitchen.

Still, then again, it can be deceptive to determine whether you fall into the “exercise non-responder” category when it comes to fitness such as building gains or losing fat.

For example, lots of people are not honest with their diets, have incorrect lifestyles (bad habits, poor sleep, and/or others), and are not regular and/or have half-hearted workout plans. Without hard work, a proper diet, and a correct lifestyle, anyone is an “exercise non-responder”. We can classify someone as such only with all these facts on point, and yet, they reap no (or very little) benefits over the course of months, despite their hard work all this time.

Exercise low- vs non- responder

Even then, it is important to understand that the term “exercise non-responder” is not fully accurate. Nobody is a complete “NON-responder”. A more accurate description would be “low responders” because at least some results anyone will get.

It’s important to understand that it is unlikely that there are people who do not see absolutely ANY better from exercise at all. What we’re talking about here is that these people do not get the same (or as much) benefit from a particular practice as others do. Still, research indicates that absolutely everyone can achieve some benefits (especially health benefits) from improving their fitness through exercise.

Good News For Exercise Non-Responders

According to research, different people are responding differently to different kinds of training. This basically means that a specific routine, a specific exercise, or a specific workout plan could be great for some people, and offer little to no benefits for others. But by changing it, it changes in the other direction. This basically means that while some people could be exercise non-responders to one type of exercise, they could be high responders to other types.

There’s a study comparing the results of two training programs: cardio and weightlifting. It suggests that some exercise non-responders did not benefit a lot from their first training program. But they got significant gains after changing to another training program. This proves that even if you consider you are an exercise non-responder, you are still very likely to respond well to exercise and training programs that suit your unique physiology. This proves that people following programs tailored to their goals and preferences will experience much greater results than those who do not follow a tailored program.

Also, it is important to remember that you increase the benefits of working out by increasing the workout intensity as progressive overload. It is no wonder that you have no results if you’re not increasing the workout intensity. For example, studies suggest that people have very little benefit from performing the exact same workouts (same weights, reps, sets, rest times, and exercises) for longer periods. This is because the body adapts to this stress and provides no further benefits.

What does it all mean?

This basically means that in order to see results, you need to go for progressive overload. At the same time, the great news is that even as an exercise non-responder you are still going to respond to exercise. As long as you go for the right kind of exercise, for the right amount, and at the correct intensity. Do not forget that your response to exercise is also greatly influenced by various other factors. Such as your diet, stress, sleep quality (and quantity), and other factors.


In the end, unfortunately, not everyone will benefit from the same kind of exercise equally. Also, some people are still responding much better to overall exercise than others. Nevertheless, it is still important to understand that everyone can greatly benefit from their training plans. However, it is important to understand that you need to work out the best type that works specifically for you.

Moreover, it is extremely important to understand that as an exercise non-responder or not, your results greatly depend on various factors. Such as sleep, stress, nutrition, and so on. You can be surprised by how much you can increase your gains by enhancing your sleep quality – 7-9 hours of high quality sleep every night. By going for a healthy and balanced diet. Also, managing any stress, ditching negative habits, and so on. Dieting is one of the most important factors. You should ensure you have a balanced diet with enough calories and protein to boost your gains.

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