Testosterone Injections Before And After Photos

Below you’re going to see some amazing testosterone injections before and after photos of real people who had real results with this steroid.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

It’s important to understand though that people use testosterone injections for a variety of purposes. There are people who use testosterone injections as testosterone therapy (testosterone replacement therapy – TRT) for health purposes. These are people who have naturally low T levels for whatever reason.

For Cutting

There are those who use testosterone injections for cutting and weight loss. While they want to maintain lean muscle tissues, their main goal is to lose as much fat as possible. This is a hormone that’s very helpful for these purposes too. It’s an important hormone for weight loss processes.

For Bulking

Also, there are people who use testosterone injections for growing lean muscle mass, body recomposition, and/or bulking cycles. It’s a very well known fact that this hormone is extremely important for strength and muscle gain. And usually, the more of this hormone you have, the more muscle (and faster) you can grow. That’s why men with naturally higher levels of testosterone are usually stronger and more muscular than those with normal or even low levels.


How To Achieve Awesome Results?

With all of this being said, it’s obvious that with testosterone injections, you can be the next person to share some awesome before and after photos. Nonetheless, you have to use them carefully if you want to avoid side effects. It’s obvious that they come with side effects.

Testosterone injections increase the levels of the testosterone hormone. While it comes with lots of benefits, too much of this hormone for too long periods can cause side effects such as acne, hair loss (if you are genetically prone to them), water retention, gynecomastia, and others. But with proper use of testosterone injections before and after photos results can be just perfect.

It’s also important to remember that for each of those goals, there are different dosages of testosterone that you need to use. For example, for TRT, the dosage is determined by how low your natural levels are and how your body reacts. For cutting, it goes by pretty much the same factors, but they are also dependable on other factors too. Plus the dosage is usually lower than for bulking. Lastly, testosterone for bulking usually involves the highest dosages. But you need to use them carefully because too high a dosage can cause side effects.



More To Say…

  • Additionally, it’s important to understand that to experience the best testosterone injections before and after results – you need to learn how to use injections correctly. While that’s pretty obvious, I still need to warn you about it.

Moreover, you get awesome results only if you follow a proper lifestyle. Without a proper training plan and a diet on point, you obviously can’t grow muscle and burn fat. It doesn’t occur with higher testosterone levels while sitting on the couch all day long. Higher testosterone levels from testosterone injections do help speed up the process of working out and dieting though. And helps you get over the limits.

How Soon You’ll See Testosterone Injections Effects?

It depends on Testosterone ester. There are long and short ones. There’s also testosterone without any ester which would offer extremely fast results. But still, most people go for testosterone injections that usually offer slower results. Why?

Well, shorter versions of testosterone such as suspension (no ester) or propionate (shortest ester) require a very often administration schedule. With Suspension is ridiculously often – multiple injections a day. With Propionate it’s every day or at least every other day. Moreover, the shorter the version of testosterone, the more likely to cause PIP. It also depends on how each individual’s system responds to the hormone. But usually, it takes only a couple of days with Suspension to see the first results and up to a week with Propionate to see the first results.

Yet, most people go with Enanthate or Cypionate. Despite the fact that it takes about 3-5 weeks for the first results to kick in with this long version of testosterone, they are usually less painful AND they only require two injections per week, spread throughout the week. At least once weekly. But most people report they feel libido increase after about 3 weeks with Enanthate or Cypionate and mood improvement after 3-6 weeks. The good news is that these effects are also long lasting.

Physical Benefits

Testosterone injections are going to help you lose weight, burn fat, pack on muscle, add weight, get stronger, improve motivation, energy, endurance, and lots of other benefits. But the physical benefits start to appear on an individual basis depending on various factors.

Testosterone Injections Before And After Photos man

Those who have low levels of testosterone and use short versions of testosterone while changing their lifestyle from poor quality of life to watching their diet, working out, and getting enough sleep might see the first physical change of muscle growth and/or fat burn as fast as just one week.

But for most people (normal circumstances) who had normal levels of testosterone and started to use longer versions such as Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate without a drastic change in lifestyle (as they were already working out and dieting for a while now) – the first physical changes start to appear after week 6.

That’s why usual testosterone cycles are 10-12-14 weeks. Until the end of the cycle, the individual is usually having great improvements. It’s pretty obvious that it depends on lots of factors too. It depends on the dosage, goals, your dedication, your genetics, lifestyle and so many other factors.

Nonetheless, by having a proper lifestyle and using Testosterone injections properly, most men report amazing benefits from their very first testosterone cycle.

Buy Testosterone Injections Online

Unless you’re suffering from low Testosterone levels, a doctor won’t prescribe you this hormone. And even then, doctors usually prescribe very low dosages and the injections are very expensive. That’s why a lot of people still buy testosterone injections online, even for their TRT purposes.

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Remember that when you use testosterone injections you may need estrogenic protection because testosterone converts into estrogen. You may also need Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) meds if you do not plan to remain on testosterone injections for the rest of your life. As you can guess – we carry all of them too!

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