Cytomel And Weight Loss

Cytomel is the brand name of the substance Liothyronine Sodium which can be sold as many other trade names too. This is the synthetic version of T3 thyroid hormone and hence, when supplementing yourself with Cytomel, you’re actually supplementing T3. With increased levels of T3 thyroid hormones, the body is leading to enhanced metabolism and that’s why Cytomel and weight loss as are closely related to each other.

We all know that thyroid hormones are playing an important role in weight loss. So does your metabolism. Liothyronine (Cytomel) increases T3 and that’s why is so popular and helpful for fat and weight loss needs.

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Cytomel – Liothyronine Sodium is given to patients suffering from underactive thyroid gland or hypothyroidism including other health conditions when low thyroid hormone levels are observed.

Nonetheless, when we talk about T3 Cytomel and Weight Loss then this compound is often used in combination with Clenbuterol in order to offer huge weight loss results.

When the compound Cytomel is administered in combination with Clenbuterol that is capable to offer exceptionally drastic weight loss outcome.

Other than that, we considering Cytomel and weight loss, lots of athletes and especially bodybuilders suggest stacking it with some anabolic steroids too (usually cutting agents) in order to avoid the lean muscle mass loss which is possible during the administration of Cytomel that boosts your metabolism making everything work harder in the body. In order to meet its energy demands, your body may start taking it from lean muscles (especially when dieting) and that’s why adding steroids is going to help to keep you away from muscle loss and boost the fat and weight loss.

T3 Cytomel and Weight Loss Results

A lot of people reported amazing weight loss results when they were using Cytomel, especially when stacked with Clenbuterol and/ or cutting anabolic compounds. Most commonly, people run Cytomel and steroids together for 2-3 weeks, then Clenbuterol is added. All of that after the individual has been dieting and working out for at least some months and the results start to plateau.

  • By introducing these compounds in a proper manner, the individual would notice mind blowing results. A lot of people use Cytomel for different results but generally that’s for losing weight and shredding fat. And a lot of people all over the world report great results.

But then again, is important to understand how to properly use it.


How to Make Cytomel Maximum Effective For Weight Loss?

Is generally not recommended to start administering Cytomel for weight loss if you are not working out and not dieting. If you get it prescribed then that’s a whole different story. But Cytomel and weight loss needs are good only to those that workout and are dieting.

  • First of all because there are no magical compounds that would work for weight loss.

Every compound is added to “boost and make more efficient” your dieting and training.

  • But secondly – Cytomel increases levels of T3 only.

It gets mostly effective after you’ve been dieting for a while because after months of dieting, you may start noticing there are no further results. There’s a high chance is due to the fact that your body lowered the production of T3 in attempt to lower the metabolism.


This is a defense mechanism of our body against starvation as it “thinks” you have nothing to eat. To protect you against starvation, the body lowers production of T3, which hence lowers metabolic rate.

If you just started dieting – your body would work “at full strength” when comes to weight loss. If you were dieting for a while and your body “stops the weight loss processes” by adding Cytomel that’s going to increase levels of T3 and you would keep losing weight further.


That’s why Cytomel is so helpful for weight loss in those cases when a professional athlete is trying to lose the last digits of body fat.

Cytomel and weight loss are closely related, but only as long as this compound is properly administered. With an incorrect use, you would most likely go more into Cytomel and side effects”.

Also, for this medicine to be effective, you need best quality Liothyronine. We’re a source offering absolutely best compounds and for the lowest prices. Use our site to get your needs and we make everything possible to make sure that this is your best decision.

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