Oxymetholone Side Effects

Please learn as much as possible about Oxymetholone side effects before you get to actually use it. It’s indeed an extremely helpful steroid for physique and performance enhancement because it’s very powerful. But usually, the more powerful a steroid is the more benefits and the more side effects it can offer.

A lot of people use Anadrol for various different reasons. There are some of those who use this steroid to help them with competitions or look good on photoshoots. But others use it just to build muscle mass and look attractive. Whereas there are those who want to get stronger.

Regardless of the goal, Anadrol (chemical name Oxymetholone) is one of the best steroids for achieving them. That’s because Anadrol is amazing when it comes to building muscle mass, getting stronger, and packing on size.

The problem is that Anadrol, being so powerful, could tax your health causing side effects. Pretty much like any other anabolic steroid, Oxymetholone is not free from side effects. The side effects are actually similar to other AAS, but since it’s so powerful, the side effects can be more severe.

Anadrol is very powerful, so I wouldn’t recommend messing around with it. Do not take it lightly and if you plan to use it, do it with extra care and precaution. By using it in too high a dosage and/or too lengthy a cycle is very likely to damage your health and may even end up in a hospital.

So, please, be careful with it.



Check the Oxymetholone Side Effects below.

Estrogenic Side Effects

Oxymetholone is an anabolic steroid that does not aromatize into estrogen. This is a DHT derivative and as any other – it is immune to aromatization. It will not increase estrogen levels. Despite that, estrogenic side effects can occur. And it’s not only that they can occur, these side effects also can be pretty severe too.

It all occurs because Anadrol is directly stimulating the estrogen receptors in the body. Therefore, it can lead to water retention and bloating as well as gynecomastia. A lot of people use Anadrol in the bulking cycle (off season) where they have a bulking diet, usually high in sodium. This leads to huge water retention. You may control a little water retention by eating low sodium and by drinking a lot of water. But some retention is still very likely to occur during the Anadrol cycle.

Extra intracellular fluid is actually helpful to gain more strength and muscle, but if you’re searching for a nice muscle definition and vascularity then you would surely love to avoid the extra fluid.

Gynecomastia is another possible side effect of Anadrol because it directly stimulates estrogen receptors. Nolvadex can be helpful in lowering gynecomastia because it blocks estrogen receptors. However, you can’t control the water retention or any other estrogenic side effects of Oxymetholone because Nolvadex doesn’t help with them and Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) are ineffective – they only lower estrogen. But as said, Oxymetholone doesn’t increase estrogen levels.

Androgenic Side Effects

While androgenic side effects of Oxymetholone are not as bad as with other steroids, they can still occur. Do not assume that they are non existent. Anadrol androgenic rating is half of that of testosterone. But remember that it is a DHT derivative, which means that it directly stimulates dihydrotestosterone.

This means that oily skin and acne, and especially hair loss are possible. Androgenic issues also include increased aggression too. Nevertheless, it’s very important to remember that it is very individual based on genetics. This means that there may be some guys who have no issues at all with any androgenic side effects, but others may find out that Oxymetholone (or any other steroid) can speed up their male pattern baldness.

If you’re a person who is impulsive, Anadrol (or any other steroid) can make it even worse. And if you’re already suffering or have been suffering from acne, again, Oxymetholone (or any other steroid) can make it worse. But if you’re not genetically prone to these issues, you may not get any with this steroid.


Liver Damage Side Effects

Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is a C17AA steroid, pretty much like most other oral steroids out there. This C17AA makes it highly bioactive (can pass through the liver without being destroyed), but it makes it stressful for the liver.

And the problem with Oxymetholone is that this is one of the most hepatotoxic steroids on the market. It is going to have a stronger negative effect on the liver than most other steroids out there. This is the reason why you need to be particularly careful with Anadrol and your liver. For this reason, I recommend paying very close attention to the dosage you use and never using it for longer than 6 weeks. But 4 weeks would be enough and safer. There are people who use it for 8 weeks, but they expose their liver to damage. Anything over is extremely dangerous.

This is a very potent steroid so you need to respect it. Don’t abuse it and don’t use anything else that is putting even more stress on your liver such as alcohol, other C17AA steroids, or some OTC/prescription meds that are stressful for your liver. Also, you could protect your liver by adding liver protecting/cleansing supplements such as Liv 52, Milk Thistle, TUDCA, and others.

There’s no way to avoid an increase in liver enzymes while using Anadrol. But there are methods, as you can see, to limit the increase of liver enzymes (like AST and ALT) over the limit. Also, make sure you have a proper break in between cycles of oral steroids to help your liver recover.

Testosterone Suppression Side Effects

Any anabolic and androgenic steroid is going to suppress natural testosterone production. Anadrol is not an exception. It is actually going to suppress it pretty strongly because it’s a strong steroid. That’s why you need to make sure that you prepare a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) Plan after each cycle of steroids unless you’re in TRT or cruising. This basically means that you never stop receiving exogenous testosterone. Your body doesn’t need to produce testosterone naturally by itself. But if you don’t plan to use testosterone injections – a PCT is very important. It helps restore testosterone production much faster and helps avoid low testosterone symptoms.

If you don’t implement a PCT plan after a cycle of anabolic steroids, you’re likely to experience various low testosterone symptoms. Some of which include loss of muscle size and strength, fat gain, lethargy and fatigue, weakness and low mood, depression, and low libido with erectile dysfunction, and others.

Yet, considering that most people use Anadrol at the start or middle of a cycle with other steroids (such as testosterone, which are still suppressive) you are going to have a PCT long after stopping the use of Anadrol. Because you will start PCT after stopping all steroid use.

Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is notorious for causing a pretty serious crush in terms of suppression because of its potency. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t use it alone, without testosterone.


Cardiovascular Side Effects

Anadrol is going to increase the hormones in your body and is also going to negatively affect your liver. One of these things alone is going to worsen cholesterol health, but that’s especially true when you have both effects. Any anabolic and androgenic steroid will worsen cholesterol because they increase the hormones. But more so will oral steroids because they negatively affect your liver.

Now imagine how harsh Anadrol (Oxymetholone) can be for cholesterol considering that it does both of these really intensively. So, among Oxymetholone side effects it’s very important to mention that it will negatively affect cholesterol. It will reduce the good levels of cholesterol (HDL) and will raise the bad levels of cholesterol (LDL). Of course – higher doses will make this side effect (and most others) more severe.

For this reason, it is very important to keep a cholesterol friendly diet and to use it for limited amounts. Maintaining bad cholesterol values for a long time can become very dangerous.

Additionally, due to its negative effects on cholesterol, it can cause higher blood pressure. Now combine it with the fact that Anadrol is very likely to cause water retention a lot – the blood pressure is going to significantly increase. Then again, a significant increase in blood pressure can be very dangerous.

All of this could very badly affect your heart and cardiovascular system in general. That’s why you need to do everything that’s possible in order to maintain healthy cholesterol values and proper blood pressure. If you’re already suffering from any of these issues, you’re likely to exacerbate them by adding Anadrol. Any steroids could cause them, but especially Anadrol.

In Conclusion – Is Anadrol Safe?

It’s important to understand that all anabolic steroids are potentially dangerous. Nonetheless, Anadrol is one of the few still approved by the FDA steroids which means that it could be safe as long as you use it correctly.

Considering that Anadrol is among the most powerful and harshest steroids on the market, I strongly recommend using it with a smart strategy and very carefully. This way you could yield the best results without experiencing its harsh side effects.

At higher doses and/or longer cycles – the side effects are very likely to get worse. You are very likely to suffer from severe water retention, it will negatively impact your liver and will suppress your natural testosterone production. Additionally, you will notice a negative impact on cholesterol and the cardiovascular system so you need to make sure it won’t be increasing blood pressure to dangerous levels.



If you want to keep Oxymetholone side effects at bay, you need to make sure you use it correctly and make sure you get the best quality product.

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